EU seeks to counter threat of bitcoin bubble bursting

European Commission Vice-President warned in a letter to the heads of three financial EU regulators to update financial rules in order to face high volatility of bitcoin
22 December 2017   598

On Wednesday European Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis warned in a letter to the heads of three financial EU regulators to urgently update financial rules in order to face high volatility of bitcoin.

Valdis Dombrovskis, a former Latvian prime minister, also urged to improve the applicability of regulatory framework to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He added that the agencies must draw up new plans in light of the recent market developments.

The developments relating to bitcoin and crypto-currencies in recent weeks require our heightened attention. There are clear risks for investors and consumers associated to price volatility – including the risk of a complete loss of investment, operational and security failures, market manipulation, and liability gaps.


Valdis Dombrovskis

Vice-President, European Commission

We have reported that in the beginning of December the British government announced its plans to introduce strict regulations of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

iPayment to cooperate with Aliant Payment Systems

iPayment, Inc., a payment provider for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced a partnership with Aliant Payment Systems
23 May 2018   73

This new partnership will allow iPayment to facilitate digital currency acceptance for merchants and their channel partners. 

Our goal at Aliant is to be one of the first adopters and facilitators of cryptocurrency in the traditional payments space. Partnering with an established, quality organization like iPayment helps us achieve that goal. We are looking forward to mutually moving into a new territory of block chain and cryptocurrency and providing our shared clients with an alternative form of accepting and processing secure, cost-effective payment transactions.
Eric Brown
Founder, CEO, Aliant Payment Systems, Inc.

Aliant Payment’s Crypto Processing Gateway provides merchants with the possibility  to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Litecoin, in both digital and card-present environments.

The payments landscape is always changing. iPayment is continually pursuing partnerships with organizations that not only anticipate these changes, but develop innovative solutions to address them – and that is exactly what Aliant has done. We’re looking forward to cultivating this partnership and introducing crypto payment acceptance to our channel partners and adding it to our overall product offering.
Denise Tahali
Senior Vice President, Partner Sales, iPayment, Inc. 

From this new product innovation, iPayment is aimed on small business enablement and delivering efficient services and resolves for business developments. Aliant also lets e-commerce and mobile vendors worldwide to adopt different payment forms, and it provides a complete line of credit card machines, ATMs and payment technology. 

With the help of this collaboration, iPayment can now supply Aliant’s Crypto Processing Gateway to partners and merchants who wish to accept these forms of digital payments.