Ex-BitTorrent Employees to File Lawsuit Against Sun

Richard Hall and Lukas Jurašek want to sue $15M because of workplace hostilities, wrongful dismissal and other violations
27 January 2020   223

50-year-old Richard Hall and 28-year-old Lukas Jurašek sued the TRON Foundation and its founder Justin Sun, accusing them of unjustified dismissal amid objections to management practices and the application of the technology being developed by the company. Hall and Jurašek were employees of BitTorrent until last summer, a file sharing service acquired by TRON Foundation in 2018. The lawsuit was filed in October, but its details were released only now.

According to the text of the 70-page document, Sun admitted Hall degrading expressions to force him to expedite the release of BitTorrent software. In another episode, says Jurašek, Sun hit Kong Lee, the technical manager who also appears to be the defendant in the case, but was never held accountable. Lee, in turn, used force against a manager whom he had already insulted personally and in group conversations.

Lukasz Juraszek saw two sets of shoes under the conference room door, [the lawsuit said, referring to Li and the manager] and then heard a loud commotion coming from the room and then what seemed like a punch, slap, or a strike of a hand. [After Li opened the door to leave the room, Juraszek saw the manager’s] face was red, his eyes glossy.


Soon after, someone logged in to Yurashak’s work account from another location and deleted his emails.

In addition, Hall claims to have pointed out to the company’s leadership the risks of third parties distributing copyright-infringing content and child pornography through BitTorrent, but was never able to get lawyers to review the service’s policies.

Lee also threatened Hall with dismissal if he took advantage of the already approved leave, and demanded that he stay at work, not trying to get legal compensation. Hall did not obey, and after his return, he was demoted and received a series of threats from Lee when he tried to record the insults in the correspondence.

Subsequently, Hall and Yurashek were dismissed, as they themselves say, for discriminatory circumstances, and employees from China loyal to violations of American labor law, processing and distribution of illegal materials through BitTorrent were hired in their place. The plaintiffs intend to recover $ 15 million for the damage caused and ask the court to help the defendants comply with labor laws. TRON Foundation, BitTorrent, Sun and Lee in December responded to the claim by writing that they would not plead guilty.

Justin Sun to Help Greta Fight Climate Change

TRON founder "shares Greta Thurnberg's passion to changed the world" so he's going to donate $1M to the popular environment activist
18 December 2019   318

TRON founder Justin Sun announced his desire to support environmental activist Greta Thunberg. For this, he is ready to allocate $ 1 million.

He stated that he shared the desire of Greta to change the world. At the same time, according to Sun, cryptocurrencies can make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions “by implementing a decentralized settlement.”