Ex-SEC Official to Criticize IEO

John Reed Stark, 11 served as the headed the Internet law enforcement department believes IEO is "unregulated crypto-casino fundraising mutations"
07 June 2019   537

John Reed Stark, who served 20 years in the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), 11 of whom he headed Internet Enforcement department, being retired, is closely following the latest trends in the cryptocurrency industry.

In a recent publication for the Law360 portal, Stark decided to crush the phenomenon of initial stock exchange offerings (IEO), calling them "predators" and promising that the SEC would cover this "unregulated crypto-casino fundraising mutations".

They are an enticing medium for fraud, manipulation, insider trading, hacking and a broad range of chicanery. IEOs represent yet another blatant attempt to hijack a similar-sounding acronym — IPO — in an effort to lure investors seeking to get rich quick. However, just like ICOs, the IEO has not a single element in common with the IPO (other than the first and last letters of its acronym).

John Stark

Ex Head of Internet Enforcement Office, SEC

Stark is a longtime opponent of cryptocurrency and supports Warren Buffett in his opinion that Bitcoin is "akin to rat poison".

Much of bitcoin’s value, outside of mere speculation, is derived solely from its ability to facilitate criminal activity. Need a fake ID, bottle of opiates, a cache of credit card numbers, or a thousand Social Security numbers? Need a way to collect a ransomware payment? Need to fund terrorist-related activities? Need to hire a hitman? Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have become the payment of choice for these, and a slew of other, criminal enterprises.

John Stark

Ex Head of Internet Enforcement Office, SEC

Some time ago another SEC official had criticize own agency for "smothering ETFs with personalized attention as if they were infants".

EOS to Buy $30M Worth Domain For Its Social Network

Earlier, CEO reported that his company will spent about $150M to develop Voice, and looks like "voice.com" purchase for $30M is one of the first steps
19 June 2019   883

The Block.One company, known for developing the EOS blockchain protocol, acquired a domain for its new social network Voice for $ 30 million. This is evidenced by documents published on the website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Documents were provided by MicroStrategy, an analytical and mobile software provider. It follows the “voice.com” domain, registered in the GoDaddy domain name registry, was transferred to the EOS developer on May 30, 2019. After 2 days, Block.One officially announced preparations for the launch of a social network.

Block.one has made a smart strategic decision in choosing Voice.com to be the internet domain name for its new social media platform. The word ‘voice’ is simple and universally understood. It’s also ubiquitous — as a search term, it returns billions of results on the internet. An ultra-premium domain name like Voice.com can help a company achieve instant brand recognition, ignite a business, and massively accelerate value creation.

Marge Breya 

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, MicroStrategy Incorporated. 

The commercial model of MicroStrategy is based, among other things, on the accumulation and sale of such expensive domain names.

According to Block.One, the identification of users and the use of the EOS blockchain in the social network will help to avoid the massive influx of bots, which often affect other members of this niche. Earlier, CEO Block.One Brendan Blamer reported that his company spent about $ 150 million to develop Voice.