Exobot Android Banking Trojan Source Code to be Leaked

Malware based on this code are dangerous even for smartphones with Android Oreo
25 July 2018   741

The source code for the Android banking Trojan Exobot 2.5, also known as the Trump Edition, got on the web. Malicious programs based on this code are dangerous even for smartphones with Android Oreo.

According to the Bleeping Computer, in May 2018, an unknown person published a code on the Internet, which was later distributed through hacker forums. The first version appeared in late 2016, but in early 2018, its developers decided to sell the source.

ThreatFabric security researcher Cengiz Han Sahin analyzed Exobot. He claims that this Trojan does not need additional permissions to activate.

The interesting part here is that no Android permissions are required. All other Android banking trojans families are using the Accessibility ore Use Stats permissions to achieve the same goal and therefore require user interaction with the victim.

Cengiz Han Sahin


In July 2018, unknown people introduced malicious code into the two packages of the ESLint JavaScript code parser to steal user data and published a tool update. Before blocking, the Trojan was able to access 4,500 developer accounts.

Google to Release Cloud Inference API

Cloud Inference API can be used for real time big data analysis 
20 September 2018   96

Google introduced an alpha version of the service for time series analysis. It processes information about events at the time - clicks, requests, activations of IoT devices, and so on. The Cloud Inference API analyzes these data in real time, finds correlations and makes predictions based on it.

Cloud Inference API
Cloud Inference API 

Service features:

  • A simple tree-like query language that allows you to specify your own time markers.
  • Online processing of incoming data with minimal delay. Therefore, Google recommends using the API in interactive user applications.
  • Ability to process data arrays of different volumes (up to trillions of records) and work under high load (up to hundreds of thousands of requests per second).
  • Full integration with Google Cloud Storage, which provides access to the same data in different services of the platform.
  • More information about the work of the tool can be found in the documentation.

Google noted that the service will be useful for a wide range of industries. Retailers can analyze the impact of pedestrian traffic on the level of sales conversion, content providers - the popularity of materials to provide better personal recommendations.

Now the Cloud Inference API is already being used by Snap to analyze the data received through the Snapchat application.

Google Cloud is developing a number of cloud services. At the end of August 2018, the company updated the tools for converting speech to text and vice versa. Cloud Text-to-Speech received support for several new languages ​​and voices, and Cloud Speech-to-Text - recognition of several speakers, language and the ability to highlight important words