Exobot Android Banking Trojan Source Code to be Leaked

Malware based on this code are dangerous even for smartphones with Android Oreo
25 July 2018   2123

The source code for the Android banking Trojan Exobot 2.5, also known as the Trump Edition, got on the web. Malicious programs based on this code are dangerous even for smartphones with Android Oreo.

According to the Bleeping Computer, in May 2018, an unknown person published a code on the Internet, which was later distributed through hacker forums. The first version appeared in late 2016, but in early 2018, its developers decided to sell the source.

ThreatFabric security researcher Cengiz Han Sahin analyzed Exobot. He claims that this Trojan does not need additional permissions to activate.

The interesting part here is that no Android permissions are required. All other Android banking trojans families are using the Accessibility ore Use Stats permissions to achieve the same goal and therefore require user interaction with the victim.

Cengiz Han Sahin


In July 2018, unknown people introduced malicious code into the two packages of the ESLint JavaScript code parser to steal user data and published a tool update. Before blocking, the Trojan was able to access 4,500 developer accounts.

Bisq Decentelized Exchange v. 1.0 Released

According to GitHib repository, it is written in Java programming language
16 April 2019   355

The developers of Bisq presented a new version of the decentralized exchange (v1.0).

The project repository on GitHub notes that version 1.0 is the most important milestone in the development of the Bisq platform.

Thus, the new version of the software implements a decentralized autonomous organization mechanism (Bisq DAO). It allows exchange users to directly participate in project management.

For example, those who contribute to the development of Bisq may receive rewards in BSQ tokens. Also, the use of these assets can reduce trade commissions by 90%.

Among other changes - bug fixes, minor improvements to the user interface.