Expanse plans to launch TokenLab

Advanced tool will help users to launch and manage ICO
17 July 2017   2011

Blockchain agnostic, community-based project without an ICO, which was created as the first stable fork of Ethereum

Expanse will launch TokenLab. According to the developers, this is an advanced ICO tool for launching and managing crypto tokens on the Expanse network. Users will be able to create tokens, manage their ICO, add and remove features, raise funds, and more. This is reported by the Expanse Blog.


Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Let's take a good look at the roadmap, recently posted by the creators. 

August 2017

Exclusive Sale

  • Launch Presale contract on Livenet
  • Supported coins: EXP
  • 20% discount EXP only sale
  • Contribution Limit: 1m USD
  • Detailed Roadmap with master detail section
  • Infographics explaining Tokenlab
  • Videos and other supporting media

September 2017


  • Login page and basic account management
  • Launch Presale contracts on the Expanse livenet
  • Additional supported coins: EXP, BTC, LTC, ETH
  • 10% discount EXP, BTC, LTC, ETH sale
  • Contribution Limit: 1m USD
  • Presale countdown
  • Presale event
  • Presale funds used for marketing and further development

October 2017

Token Sale

  • Launch beta product with LAB Token Sale
  • Launch ICO’s for selected Partners
  • Additional supported coins: EXP, BTC, LTC, ETH
  • Contribution Limit: 8m USD
  • Improved dashboard and Partner integration
  • Token Sale countdown
  • Token Sale
  • Distribute LAB tokens
  • Integrate with Gander
  • Launch LAB on exchanges

November 2017 

Limited Release

  • Improved login with social media integration
  • Open Tokenlab to run 10 ICOs simultaneously
  • Accept contributions in Steemit (STEEM) and PivX (PIVX)
  • Crowdsourced underwriting

December 2017

Public Release

  • Underwriting workflow improvement
  • Increased vetting
  • Performance metrics and charting around ICO performance

First quarter of 2017

ICO Exchange

  • Exchange integration with Tokenlab
  • Supported markets: EXP, ETH, and BTC
  • Basic order book analysis
  • Basic charting and TA Tools

Well, the idea is interesting, the plans are tough and the developers are skilled. Time will show what we gonna get.  

Expanse update: what to expect?

Expanse 1.7.2 is planned to be released with block number 800 000 
01 November 2017   437

As reported today by the official newsletter of Expanse cryptocurrency, Explanse will be updated at block 800 000. At the moment of press, block number 786617 was mined.

What should we wait in Expanse 1.7.2?

Developers have some objectives to be resolved with this update. Among it:

  • Upgrade EXP to the latest ETH:Byzantium protocol.
  • Make EXP transactions faster.
  • Decrease uncle inflation.
  • Maintain Block Reward 8/min.
  • Byzantium Objectives:
  • Addition of ‘REVERT’ opcode, which permits error handling without consuming all gas.
  • Transaction receipts now include a status field to indicate success or failure.
  • Elliptic curve addition and scalar multiplication on alt_bn128 and pairing checks, permitting ZK-Snarks and other cryptographic mathemagic™.
  • Support for big integer modular exponentiation, enabling RSA signature verification and other cryptographic applications.
  • Support for variable length return values .
  • Addition of the ‘STATICCALL’ opcode, permitting non-state-changing calls to other contracts .
  • Changes to the difficulty adjustment formula to take uncles into account 

Also, there are some additional important information:

  • Fork Block Number: 800,000
  • New Block Target: 30 Seconds
  • New Block Reward: 4 EXP