Expanse Roadmap 2017-2018

Big plans of Expanse developers for 2017-2018; a lot of interesting things included
17 July 2017   2711

Blockchain agnostic, community-based project without an ICO, which was created as the first stable fork of Ethereum

Recently, Expanse team shared their 2017-2018 plans via the Expanse Blog. Let's figure out, what are they going to do. 

2nd and 3rd quarter of 2017

  1. Release Gander.tech v1
  2. Release TokenLab announcement
  3. Organizational Tasks
  • Shop around for marketing firms
    • Have them deliver an extensive marketing plan
      • Content marketing
      • Social media marketing
      • Traditional tv, radio, print
      • Ad placement
  • Put plan into action
  • Monitor results
  • Higher 2 more development teams to help with Amity and EXP.LIFE
  • Organizational structure
    • Assign developers and designers into teams to work on deliverables
      • 1 project manager
      • 3 developers
      • 1 designer
      • 2 content creators

General Development Tasks

  • Merge geth upstream changes into gexp
  • Merge upstream changes from mist into mist:exp
  • Update web3.js-exp
  • Clean up javascript libraries for EXP
  • Reveal new Borderless Charity Logo

4th quarter

TokenLab v1.0

TokenLab is an advanced tool for making and managing crypto tokens on the Expanse network. Users will be able to create tokens, manage their token, add remove features, raise funds, and more.

  • Landing page
  • Explainer video
  • Wireframe for GUI
  • Smart contracts
  • MVP
  • LAB Pre-sale
  • LAB Post-sale
  • Tokenlab release
  • Start ERC2.0 token creation

Gander v2.0

Gander.tech is the official Expanse block explorer. Version 1 was released and is up and running. Version 2 will incorporate a fresh new modern design.

  • GUI redesign
  • GUI implementation
  • Release to public

Borderless Charity Initiatives

Lucrii v1.0

Lucrii is a modular crypto token that focuses on bottom up economics. The token will feature multiple ways to mint new tokens, like token swapping, proof of stake, and a universal basic income. Amity and Lucrii will work together. Amity is kind of like a scoreboard for philanthropic behavior. The higher your Amity score, the more lucrii you’ll get to mint in all of the issuance modules.

  • Landing page
  • Explainer video
  • Wireframe for GUI
  • Smart contracts
  • Launch Balances contract
  • Launch StandardToken Issuance module
  • Launch token swap contracts

Amity Social Network v1.0

Earn rewards for working together to help others. Amity is a social rewards platform that rewards you for your humanitarian effort. Humanitarians will earn Amity points and climb the leaderboards every time they donate to charity, get their friends to join, and launch successful campaigns.

  • Finish White Paper
  • Landing page
  • Explainer video
  • Wireframe for GUI
  • Smart contracts
  • MVP on Android and iPhone
    • Donations
    • Leaderboard

1st quarter of 2017


EXP.LIFE is a gamification platform, where users can have fun while earning life experience. Users will be able to create and complete user generated content, climb leaderboards, and experience new things!

  • Hire developers to work on EXP.LIFE exclusively.
  • Finish White Paper
  • Launch Landing page
  • Explainer video
    • Write script
    • Get animated
    • Release video
  • Wireframe for GUI
  • Smart contracts

Borderless.tech v2.0

Borderless.tech is an identity management platform that adds liquidity to human identity. Borderless.tech aims to create a cost-effective global ID system that can help emerging markets leap over the last mile into the global markets.

  • Hire new dev team to focus exclusively on Borderless.tech
  • Update White Paper
  • Update website
  • Write new contracts
    • Marriage Registry
    • Birth Registry
    • Citizenship Registry
    • Nation Registry
    • Property Registry
    • Escrow Lab
    • Nation Lab
    • Registry Lab
  • Update GUI wireframe to incorporate new functionality
  • Develop new GU

2nd quarter of 2018

EXP.DAO v1.0

  • Update White Paper
  • Rewrite contracts
    • Division protocol
    • Division Lab
    • Proposal protocol
    • Proposal Lab
    • Voting protocol
    • Voting Lab
  • Develop GUI

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

Plans looks very serious and detailed. A lot of interesting stuff is going to happen. Let's wait and see 

Weiss Ratings Named 12 "Weakest Cryptocurrencies"

Citing several factors, including risks for investors, technological features and popularity, the agency named 12 "weakest" coins
16 March 2018   2099

Weiss Ratings, one of the world's largest rating agencies, presented a new analysis related to the crypto-currency market, which included 12 of the weakest digital assets this time.

Citing several factors, including risks for investors, technological features and popularity, the agency assigned these alphanumeric ratings from D to E, where D means "weak", and E - "very weak".

According to Weiss Ratings, at present traders should avoid investing in the following crypto-currencies:

  • Auroracoin (D-)
  • Comet (E-)
  • Electroneum (E+)
  • Expanse (E)
  • Gulden (D-)
  • Matchpool (E)
  • Megacoin (E-)
  • Novacoin (E)
  • PotCoin (D-)
  • Quark (E-)
  • Rise (D-)
  • SaluS (E-)

Many newcomers rush into cryptocurrencies precisely at the wrong time — when speculative buying has reached a frenzy, crypto exchanges are overwhelmed and prices are on the brink of the next crash.

That’s a shame for two reasons: They lose a lot of money. Then they lose interest, bow out and miss out on the truly big opportunities.


Weiss Ratings

Recently, agency upgraded the rating of bitcoin from C + to B- in light of the development of technology Lightning Network.