Facebook Messenger Unlikely to Support Cryptocoins

According to Facebook Vice-President of messaging, there are still too many problems, related to crypto
07 February 2018   315

Facebook Vice-President David Marcus said that in the foreseeable future the company does not plan to launch a system of cryptocurrency payments on the platform, reports Coindesk.

According to Marcus, while there are too many problems and negative factors with existing cryptocurrencies, including high remittance fees and low transaction confirmation rates.

Once the industry self regulates a lot better and you have better more legit products that want to be advertised on the platform. When we get to that stage, we'll figure out a way to reintroduce these things.

David Marcus

Facebook Vice-President of messaging

It is worth noting that at the end of 2017 he joined the board of directors of the largest American crypto-exchange platform Coinbase. According to Marcus, if the development community "corrects all problems", then Facebook can reconsider its position.

This statement was made a few days after Facebook banned the advertising of Crypto-Currency and ICO. It is also worth reminding that this adblock doesn't work properly.

Electroneum to update its blockchain

Electroneum announced that new code will be released on May 30 as its blockchain reaches Block 307500
26 April 2018   50

Electroneum announced its fork is scheduled to take place at block 307500 on May 30. The fork is special as it will not result in two currencies: this is achieved by allowing all the exchanges and pools to update their software in advance. The update covers the following aspects

  • anti-ASIC code:

the implementation of such code will ensure security against any network attack

  • increase of transfer fee:

to ensure Electroneum blockchain withstands blockchain flooding, base fee will be increased to 0.1 ETN

  • block size increase before penalty:

the increase will allow miners to scale the blocks faster and get more transactions into a block

  • disabling of RingCT and Mixin:

disabling some privacy features with letting wallets remain private will get a less wait to fit a transaction into a block and a leaner blockchain size

  • 3 days mempool life:

it will ensure a reduction of the possibility of the returned transactions

Readers will be able to find the rest of the remaining details of the update here. As for the market indicators for Electroneum, here is what they look like at the moment of publication:

  • Average price   $0.024453
  • Market cap         $166,770,279
  • Volume (24H)    $1,234,100