Factom to receive $192k from DHS for Beta Test Concept

The Department of Homeland Security gave Factom, a blockchain startup, $192,380 to start beta testing their concept to secure Internet of things (IoT) data
22 June 2018   476

The $192,380 prize money was except for the final phase of the Silicon Valley Innovation Program (SVIP). Factom hopes that by combining critical infrastructure like sensors and cameras with blockchain technology, it can assist to protect the authenticity and continuity of the data. When the project leverages blockchain technology, it “does not require the creation of blockchain-specific technology.”

The early phases of Factom’s work has informed architecture choices and design decisions inherent in integrating blockchain with existing technology. In Phase IV, Factom will deploy this technology in a realistic field environment with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to understand its operational impacts.
Anil Jon
S&T Identity Management Research and Development Program Manager

With the results of the beta test Factom will be able to access its impact in an outside environment. The idea is to imitate the conditions that US Border Patrol Agents conduct in that include limited internet connectivity and differing weather conditions. 
Factom is aimed to demonstrate that IoT devices can be highly dependable from ground sensors and cameras and that the data they capture cannot be modified, spoofed or disrupted. If Factom prevails, they will produce a more commercially viable product available to the market.

Factom is not the only firm that sees a great possibility to secure data from smart devices using blockchain. In January 2017, Cisco, Bosch, the Bank of New York Mellon, Foxconn, Gemalto, and several blockchain startup companies, decided to work together to establish a similar system that leverage blockchain technology and IoT.

Bitcoin Cash Hardfork Implemented

Hardfork of a hardfork... just don't get confused in this crazy world of cryptocurrency
16 November 2018   81

Today, on November 15, a hardfork was implemented in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. The first block in the Bitcoin ABC blockchain has mined a pool of Bitcoin.com.

The last “common block” was # 556,766, mined by SVPool. on which the protocol update was activated.

Bitcoin SV got its first block. Now we can definitely talk about the division of Bitcoin Cash into two competing blockchains. Roger Ver, right before the hardfork, said that his pool had sent a significant amount of power to mining Bitcoin ABC.

Bitfinex exchange announced the transfer of BAB and BSV coins to the accounts of BCH holders.

Poloniex converted all BCH balances into assets BCHABC and BCHSV. At the same time, the BCH market became unavailable. Instead, the BCHABC / BTC, BCHSV / BTC, BCHABC / USDC and BCHSV / USDC trading pairs appeared. I / O of BCHABC and BCHSV is not yet available, but will open when the network stabilizes.