Fake Poloniex Phishing App Found on Google Play

ESET security researcher found a malicious Poloniex copy app designed to phish users' data
28 March 2018   417

ESET security expert Lucas Stefanko discovered a suspicious application of the Poloniex exchange, the true purpose of which was the theft of user data. This is reported by The Next Web.

Lukas Steefanko Tweet
Lukas Steefanko Tweet

Stefanko notes that when he first came across this application, it was at the "bait stage", that is, redirected users to the real Poloniex site, while its developers accumulated a reputation and user base.

Once hundreds/thousands of users are logging into Poloniex through it, then it removes redirection and display only phishing screen to gain credential.

Lukas Stefanko


This time, Google quickly removed malicious software from its application store. Whether the attackers could realize their plan before the application was deleted is unknown.

Circle to Unveil Poloniex Asset Listing Framework & Form

The criteria for selecting assets are divided into five categories
20 June 2018   192

Circle has published a manual that includes a description of the criteria for valuing assets that appear on the Poloniex cryptoexchange, as well as in the Circle Invest and Circle Trade product lines.

The criteria for selecting assets are divided into five categories: the project base, the underlying token technology, the development team, the business model, and the target market.

One of our primary goals for Circle products like Poloniex, Invest, and Trade is to provide our customers with access to innovative new projects that fuel the industry. Today, we’re very excited to share the new Circle Asset Framework, Asset Listing Form, and some details on how we plan to list new assets as well as handle other common cryptocurrency events.

Poloniex Team

Each criterion has a list of potential issues that experts consider during the analysis of the project. As noted in Circle, this structure is not rigid and exhaustive - it is necessary to select those criteria that are really important for Poloniex customers.

Circle also published an application form, which is submitted for placement of assets in the company's projects. The company stressed that it is not going to take money for listing on Poloniex and in its other projects.