Fantasy Market ICO CEO disappeared with raised money

According to the source, Jonathan Lucas could "carry away" from $2M to $5M
09 January 2018   252

Four investors of Fantasy Market ICO reported that the CEO of the startup disappeared with money after the ICO. This is written by NYPost.

Jonathan Lucas, creator of the Fantasy Market project and FMtoken cryptocurrency, intended to raise up to $ 25 million last year, according to white paper. Number of attracted funds is unknown. In November, in a conversation with reporters, Lucas said that he managed to collect less than $ 2 million, but back in September, in private conversations, he said that up to $ 5 million he lacks only 13%.

It was assumed that FMtoken will be used as a means of paying for viewing streaming porn video in real time.

During the November interview, Lucas talked for about an hour about how his ICO was going and explained the contents of white paper. At the same time he stated that he was not trying to deceive anyone and was using a real name. Several investors who lost their money believe that Jonathan Lucas is a pseudonym.

"Jonathan Lucas (probably a pseudonym) deceived us and disappeared with our cryptocurrency," said one of the investors in a conversation with NYPost after two months from the date of the investment.

At the moment of press, website of ICO consists of one page with the text bellow.

Fantasy Market Website
Fantasy Market Website

NYPost was able to talk with an anonymous investor regarding the refund.

[Recently] I wrote threatening to file police and FBI reports. Within hours they refunded me ethereum with a dollar amount equal to what I had contributed in early September, but since the coin has more than tripled in value since then, they kept the rest of my contribution, essentially stealing quite a lot of money from me.

Anonymous Investor

Another investor suggested that Lucas actively trades on the stock exchange crypto-currency, apparently using the money of investors for this purpose.

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ACTN Token Distribution About to Close

The users have last chance to get their 1000 free ACTN tokens as the token distribution for registration closes on March 1, 2018
21 February 2018   46

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ActionCoin has announced that the users who sign up are entitled to receive 1,000 FREE ACTION during the official token distribution event (Airdrop) scheduled to commence on March 1, 2018.

The two first phases of ACTN token pre-sale are already finished, and the third one will be held from February 21 to 25, with 250,000,000 Action tokens to be sold for $0.02 USD each.

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