Fetch.AI Tokensale to End in 22 Seconds

As reported, only 2,758 investors were able to acquire FET tokens, each of which invested $ 2,175 on average
25 February 2019   411

The crowdsale of the Fetch.AI crypto-project, which started today at 17:00 Moscow time on the Binance Launchpad platform, took just 22 seconds.

It was over in a about 10 seconds. The queue was totally packed within seconds. The processing is just draining the queue slowly.

Changpeng Zhao

CEO, Binance

This time, Binance obviously took into account the mistakes made during the BitTorrent campaign. Thus, the maximum amount of investment was limited to $ 3,000 against $ 20,000 during the sale of BTT, and the platform functioned much smoother.

However, only 2,758 investors were able to acquire FET tokens, each of which invested $ 2,175 on average. Although this time, you can find more messages from those who still managed to enter the crowdsale because of the rush demand many wishing left behind.

24000 people pre-signed the User Agreement, 19860 people successfully submitted a buy order, 2758 people got a piece. The first 22 seconds (not 10).

Changpeng Zhao

CEO, Binance

BNB Token Price Chart
BNB Token Price Chart

As during the BTT crowdsale, the end of the Fetch.AI campaign was marked by a sharp decline in the BNB rate.

KuCoin to Unveil First Spotlight IEO Info

First initial exchange offering at Spotlight will be MultiVAC, "a high-throughput and flexible blockchain platform based on trusted sharding computing"
25 March 2019   58

Representatives of the KuCoin marketplace shared some details of the first tokensale on the Spotlight IEO platform.

Let's put our Spotlight on MultiVAC!

It's my pleasure to introduce the pioneering all-dimensional sharding and flexible blockchain to you: MultiVAC, which is also the first project of KuCoin Spotlight.

Michael Gan

CEO, Kucoin

He added that additional details about the first IEO project at KuCoin will appear soon.

As previously reported, a new exchange's token, KuCoin Shares (KCS), will be used to purchase the assets of new projects at Spotlight. To participate in the tokensale users will need to be verified.