Filecoin to Unveil Tesnet Launch Date

Filecoin ICO was one of the largetst in the history - team was able to raise that time record high $257M back in 2017
25 September 2019   420

The developers of the Filecoin protocol updated the project’s roadmap, according to which the test network will be launched on December 11.

We are not yet announcing a mainnet launch date, but we expect it to be 1-2 quarters after our testnet launch. We will post the exact launch date in Q1 2020.

Filecoin Team

The indicated deadlines are optimistic and may be adjusted, the developers added. They also said that a roadmap update is made every two quarters.

Earlier, the launch of the main network was announced by Filecoin representatives in mid-2019.

The Filecoin project has been implemented by the California Protocol Labs since 2014. Its goal is to create an effective data storage solution based on the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) decentralized network protocol.

In 2017, during the first ever regulated ICO, the project raised a record $ 257 million at that time.

Tunisia Won't Launch Universa-Based E-Dinar

Few days ago media reported that the Tunisian regulator allegedly began to transfer its national currency to the blockchain of Universa, Russian ICO
12 November 2019   126

The Central Bank of Tunisia has denied rumors about the issue of its own digital currency ("e-dinar" or CBDC) based on the development of the Russian blockchain platform Universa.

According to the press release, the regulator is really exploring the possibilities of the digital economy and, in particular, issuing its own digital currency. No concrete decision was made on this issue.

The Central Bank of Tunisia emphasizes that they did not enter into relations with any domestic or foreign provider in order to create any digital currency.

The Central Bank recalled that only its official representatives have the right to speak on their behalf.

Note that on the eve of a number of media outlets disseminated information that the Tunisian regulator allegedly began to transfer its national currency to the blockchain platform of the Russian ICO startup Universa. Thanks to this, Tunisian citizens will allegedly be able to exchange fiat for electronic dinars.

In addition, according to popular information, Universa will have to receive a percentage of all transactions carried out using the "e-dinar", while all records will be open to the central bank of the country for control. It was also reported that the "e-dinar" would be owned by the state and provided with paper money.