Five Million Users reached by Philippines’ Crypto Wallet

Philippines’ reported it reached an immense 5 million users this week for its mobile payments application and hot crypto wallet
31 May 2018   2027

The company also declared it is going to add 2 new popular coins: bitcoin cash (BCH) and ether (ETH). 

We are excited and proud to provide 5 million customers with access to financial services. Our focus on creating financial inclusion to all Filipinos has propelled our growth to date. Millions of our customers have already used’s web and mobile apps to access a wide array of financial services, including buying load, paying bills, topping up their beep™ card, and purchasing digital currencies, all without needing a bank account.
Ron Hose
CEO, Philippines’

Large part of the southeast Asian archipelago’s citizens struggle with inadequate economic possibilities and poor financial services. About a half of the Philippines is living on approximately $2 a day, and its central bank, Bagko Sentral ng Pilipinas, expected early last year that 86% of Philippines’ citizens are unbanked and cannot use basic banking services as the folks in the West do every day.

Five million users has come in only 4 years for the firm. It was established by Runar Petursson and Mr. Hose, both Silicon Valley veterans. So, their services are a way for Filipinos to become banked, a potential market of over 300,000 people. In the past 2  years, it has grown a common of $10mil in venture capital funding, indicating investors believe the company to be “on” to something.

Responding to consumer demand for additional blockchain-based services with an eye for future smart contract based financial services, and will also begin supporting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) next month, in an effort to support lower cost blockchain based payments.
Ron Hose
CEO, Philippines’

The customers of the firm’s platform can receive all the advantages of ever-important remittance services, card top-ups, wallet transfers, paying bills, and even online shopping. 

Ver to Launch $200M Fund to Develop BCH Ecosystem

There's no a lot of info, but it is expected that it will be created on the basis of the infrastructure in 2020
20 November 2019   379

Well-known entrepreneur Roger Ver announced the creation of a new fund for $ 200 million to support projects working on the development of the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency ecosystem. This was announced during a meeting in London on Tuesday by the co-founder of Blockchain, Nicholas Carey.

Information on the structure of the fund is still unknown, but it is expected that it will be created on the basis of the infrastructure in 2020.

I promoted bitcoin. Today I am promoting Bitcoin Cash. Tomorrow I will promote something else if it surpasses Bitcoin Cash in terms of the spreading economic freedom in the world,” Ver said at a meeting in London.

Roger Ver

CEO, and Bitcoin Cash promoter

It is noteworthy that, judging by a recent publication on, the company's business model is now leaning toward the use of smart contracts, intending to compete with Ethereum and other similar platforms.

Although the authors acknowledge that initially Bitcoin Cash was not conceived as a smart contract platform and does not have many features that can be found on Ethereum, they note that many companies do not need such features. For example, for a simple issue of tokens, the Simple Ledger protocol tied to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain can handle.

In the early stages of the existence of bitcoin, Roger Ver was one of the main evangelists of the first cryptocurrency. Later, however, he went to the camp of supporters of Bitcoin Cash, playing an important role in the hard fork implemented in 2017, as a result of which BCH was born.