FOMO Bot to Spread Panic Among Community

Looks like it broke and reported on additional 2 000 000 000 USDT emission
08 April 2019   287

The service for track the emission of the USDT to Twitter FOMO Bot, trusted by 19,000 subscribers, has been transmitting amazing data over the past hour: according to its information, Tether released over 2 billion USDT on the Ethereum blockchain.

FOMO Bot Posts Almost Has No End
FOMO Bot Posts Almost Has No End

The sudden activity and its scale did not go unnoticed by the community members, at first more and more were surprised at what was happening, but then people begun to calm down.

Some believe that bot is broken and there was big bug.

To date, the version of the presence of a bug in the bot looks one of the most convincing. According to the Tether smart contract, the current offer of ETC20-USDT is still 110 million, and according to CoinMarketCap, the stablcoin capitalization has reached $ 2.1 billion, after it has risen by $ 70 million since the beginning of the month.

Bitfinex Won't Provide All Docs, Which Attorney Require

Bitfinex believes that the decision of the judge is "another victory in the ongoing defence of our businesses against the New York Attorney General"
23 May 2019   199

The judge of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Joel Cohen, satisfied the demand of the lawyers of Bitfinex and Tether Limited, allowing them to submit only those documents that the State Office of Public Attorney has the right to demand within its jurisdiction.

In particular, the defendants once again stated that the jurisdiction of the State Office of Public Attorney does not apply to companies, since they do not operate in New York, and the so-called Martin Law does not regulate their business at all. In addition, this legislation may not apply to companies registered in another country.

This order is another victory in the ongoing defence of our businesses against the New York Attorney General’s overreach, and it comes on the heels of Justice Cohen’s ruling last week granting our motion to significantly narrow the injunction against our businesses obtained by the Attorney General. We look forward to continuing to challenge the New York Attorney General’s unmeritorious claims, and we will continue to vigorously protect our customers and assert our rights against those making false and unsupported claims against us.

Bitfinex Team

The next meeting in the high-profile case is scheduled for June 29.

Bitfinex promised users to continue the fight against those who make "false and unfounded statements" to the company.