France’s AMF alerts Against False Regulator

Stéphane Delaplace has been falsely pretending himself as the Head of the "AMF Regulation Center"
28 June 2018   1132

The Autorité des marchés financiers has published a warning against the fraudulent use of its name and contact details of this individual, who has no connection with the AMF. 

The alert is a direct answer to those individuals who are getting messages from a man named Stéphane Delaplace, who has introduced himself as the Head of the “AMF Regulation Center”. Mr. Delaplace has also been affirming to be investigating the trading platform It is worth to mention that the AMF does not employ anyone by the name of Stéphane Delaplace and any contact or correspondence with this individual should be missed.

Also, the exchange is evidently under investigation, i.e. was recently informed by the ACPR (Prudential Supervisory Authority and resolution). The AMF could not conduct the trading on the territory of France without receiving adequate authorizations to provide investment services.

Such impersonations or fraudulent attempts are not unheard of, with many scammers now looking to pass themselves off as part of legitimate regulatory authorities. The AMF is appealing any and all people who get an email from Stéphane Delaplace or any other person who claims that they belong to the AMF not to follow up on this message. Furthermore, the official has adviced adressing AMF Epargne info service on 01 53 45 62 00 Monday to Friday during the working hours.

China to Finance Hacker Attacks on Exchanges, - FireEye

Experts believe that the victims of APT41 are industry participants, the development of which is a priority in the current Chinese five-year period
08 August 2019   317

The hacker group APT41 attacks companies in the areas of healthcare, telecommunications, fintech, media, and cryptocurrency exchanges. This activity is funded by the Chinese government, according to analysts of cybersecurity company FireEye.

Experts believe that the victims of APT41 are industry participants, the development of which is a priority in the current Chinese five-year period.

Industries Targeted by APT41
Industries Targeted by APT41

At the same time, APT41 pursues its own goals, extracting financial benefits from attacks, which is unusual for other groups under the Chinese government, according to FireEye.

APT41 is known to include at least two people with the pseudonyms Chzan Xuiguan and Wolfji. The group probably has connections with other hacker organizations like BARIUM and Winnti.

FireEye also evaluated at what time of the day the APT41 attacked the gaming industry (its core target) and businesses from other areas. It turned out that this was happening outside the framework of a standard working day - probably these people, among other things, have the main job.

APT41 Operational Times
APT41 Operational Times

According to the UN Security Council, hackers under the DPRK government stole about $ 2 billion from banking institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges.