FreeBSD 12.1 Beta 1 to be Available

The release of the full-fledged version 12.1 is scheduled for 4th November
23 September 2019   512

The first beta release of FreeBSD 12.1 has been released. FreeBSD 12.1-BETA1 is available for amd64, i386, powerpc, powerpc64, powerpcspe, sparc64 and armv6, armv7 and aarch64 architectures. Additionally prepared images for virtualization systems (QCOW2, VHD, VMDK, raw) and Amazon EC2 cloud environments. The release of FreeBSD 12.1 is scheduled for November 4.

These are some of the changes\updates:

  • The libomp library has been added. 
  • The cdceem driver has been added, supporting virtual USB network cards provided by iLO 5, found in new HPE® Proliant™ servers
  • The camcontrol(8) utility has been updated to add ATA power mode support
  • The loader has been updated to support the com.delphix:removing ZFS zpool-features flag
  • Support for NAT64 CLAT has been added, as defined in RFC6877
  • The net.inet.tcp.rexmit_initial sysctl(8) has been added, used for setting RTO.Initial, used by TCP.
  • Support for GRE-in-UDP encapsulation has been added, as defined in RFC8086
  • BearSSL has been imported to the base system
  • The bsnmpd utility has been updated to includeIPv6 transport support
  • The ntpd suite of utilities have been updated to version 4.2.8p13
  • The lld linker has been enabled by default for i386
  • The gcc -Werror flag has been turned off by default
  • The ntpd suite of utilities have been updated to version 4.2.8p13
  • The trim utility has been added, which deletes content for blocks on flash-based storage devices that use wear-leveling algorithms
  • The sh utility has been updated to include a new pipefail option, which when set, changes the exit status of a pipeline to the last non-zero exit status of any command in the pipeline.
  • The mlx5tool utility has been updated to implement firmware update capability for ConnectX-4®, ConnectX-5®, and ConnectX-6®
  • The posixshmcontrol utility has been added
  • The nvmecontrol utility has been updated to add a new subcommand, resv, which is used to handle NVMe reservations
  • The camcontrol(8) utility has been updated to support block descriptors when using the modepage subcommand
  • The bzip2recover utility has been added
  • The ctm and timed utilities has been marked as deprecated, and has been removed in FreeBSD 13.0

Get more info at the official mailing and check the full updates\changes\new features list from the release notes.

Oracle to Release Unbreakable Kernel R5U3

The update for the kernel, that can be used as alternative for Red Hat Enterprise Linux used in the Oracle Linux is based on the Linux 4.14 
25 March 2020   194

Oracle has released the third functional update for the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R5 kernel, positioned for use in the Oracle Linux distribution as an alternative to the regular kernel package from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The kernel is available for x86_64 and ARM64 architectures (aarch64). Kernel sources, including breakdowns into individual patches, are published in the public Oracle Git repository.

The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 5 package is based on the Linux 4.14 kernel (UEK R4 was based on the 4.1 kernel), which is supplemented with new features, optimizations and fixes, as well as tested for compatibility with most applications running in RHEL and specially optimized for working with industrial software and Oracle hardware. Installation and src packages with the UEK R5U1 kernel are prepared for Oracle Linux 7 (there are no obstacles to using this kernel in similar versions of RHEL, CentOS and Scientific Linux).

Key improvements:

  • Improved support for 64-bit systems based on the ARM architecture. Updated drivers for ARM.
  • InfiniBand includes on-demand paging support, which allows you to reflect memory through a processor for accessing unallocated pages of memory (page faults), i.e. consume memory when it is actually being used.
  • In XFS, a deadlock was eliminated, which caused the locks to freeze and not free.
  • CIFS resolved an issue that could lead to POSIX lock leaks and crashes.
  • Bug fixes resolving issues with incompatibility of certain equipment with QEMU / KVM.
  • Device drivers are synchronized with the Linux kernel 4.14.35. The driver for Broadcom Emulex LightPulse Fiber Channel SCSI has been updated to version

Get more at the official blog