Friendly Crypto Regulatory offered by Liechtenstein PM

Liechtenstein government declares they’ll be taking a light-handed approach to blockchain technology with a new “Blockchain Act”
04 April 2018   232

Liechtenstein have recently recommended itself as a blockchain center. It is the sixth smallest country in the world  with a population of 40,000 people, and also it is home to more businesses than factual citizens because of the low tax rate.

Liechtenstein is specially engaging to blockchain businesses due to the lightness with which they can be established: it’s not obligatory to open a bank account to launch a firm. Also all the financial activities of a company can be realised with Ethereum or Bitcoin according to the country’s leading financial institution Bank Frick (accepting cryptocurrency directly). Yanislav Malahov, the Aeternity blockchain creator, founded a shop in Liechtenstein, reporting Forbes “they’re making it really easy to incorporate a cryptocurrency business”.

Crown Prince Alois is interested in using blockchain technology for administrative government purposes. He is stating his family’s involvement in cryptocurrency investment, among the richest royal families in Europe. It’s no surprise that Liechtenstein is aimed to take it very easy on blockchain regulatory in their upcoming legislation known simply as “The Blockchain Act”.

Adrian Hasler (Liechtenstein`s Prime Minister) affirms that the new order objects to “provide the necessary legal framework for a wide range of new services and business models relating to these technologies”, claiming that it “goes much further than the blockchain legislation of other countries” in his speech at a Finance Forum in late March.

Last month the Prime Minister of Malta encouraged the offered relocation of Binance HQ to their island, while announcing his support for blockchain technology and calling on other EU leaders to connect him “on the frontline in embracing this crucial innovation” and create the “Bitcoin continent of Europe”.

Liechtenstein is definitely among those countries replying the call, with their Financial Market Supervisory Authority at the helm officially processing over 100 blockchain and cryptocurrency-related requests so far in their effort to state themselves as a leading blockchain nation.

Zilliqa is holding a meetup in Singapore

High throughput blockchain platform Zilliqa is organizing a meetup session in Singapore on May 23 to share its progress and preview its new smart contract language Scilla
24 April 2018   26

A meetup titled "Zilliqa: Sharding in Action & Security by Design" by Zilliqa project will take place on May 23 at The Metro@ thebridge. Zilliqa is a new high-throughput public blockchain platform that can enable real-world applications considered impossible up to the moment. Zilliqa utilizes the idea of sharding to reach thousands of transactions per second without sacrificing security and decentralization.

The session will covering the so-far progress of the project, the partners joining the project and the preview of the new smart contract language Scilla that further improves on security for smart contracts. The event is going to be broadcasted love on YouTube. The agenda of the meetup is as follows

  • 18:45 - 19:00 Overview of the Zilliqa project
  • 19:00 - 19:20 Session with partners of Zilliqa
  • 19:20 - 19:50 Demo: Testnet & secure smart contracts with Scilla
  • 19:50 - 20:40 Networking

At the moment of publication, Zilliqa market parameters are as follows:

  • Average price $0.099018
  • Market cap $721,249,874
  • Volume (24H) $86,625,700