Frontend News Digest 17 - 23.08

Let's see what was happenning in the frontend deloper world last week
23 August 2019   499

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Frontend news digest.

In this digest, you will learn how to improve your procedural code, how to deploy apps to to IBM cloud with Tekton, how to use Immer to manage your React state and much more!


  • A guide to deploying your React App with AWS S3 

I believe, everything is clear from the heading.

  • Improved content validation for Synthetic browser and clickpath monitors

Article about impovemenece of content validation capabilities of synthetic browser in new version of Dynatrace, a software for application performance management

  • Building A Cloud Native ASP.NET Core Application and Deploying it to Azure Kubernetes Service with Docker

Detailed guide on how the topic in the header with a lot of code examples. 

  • Vue.js, Spring Boot, Kotlin, and GraphQL: Building Modern Apps - Part 2

Second part of the tutorial that is created to teach you how to build modern apps with moder tools. 

  • How To Build A Real-Time Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game 

Does a not that big tutorial will teach you to create real-time multiplayer virtual reality games? 


  • Why I like JavaScript Optional Chaining

Skilled developers thoughts on JS optional chaining and how it makes your code simpler 

  • 7 Ways to Make Your Angular App More Accessible

Authors said that in this article they describted the ways that anyone can implement to make Angular based applications usable by all.

  • Node v12.9.0 (Current)

Update of the popular JS runtime environment.

  • Next.js 9 Released: Q&A with Co-Author Tim Neutkens

Q&A with co-creator of React framework, that suits for a lot of things (according to official webstie) timed to new version release


  • Console Badge

Tiny, easy-to-use package with no dependencie that will provide you with ability create simple badges in the browser console.

Frontend News Digest 14 - 20.09

20 September 2019   54

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Frontend news digest.

In this digest, beginners can learn about CSS Grid, skilled coders may learn about, for example, what's new in Chrome 77 for developers, difference between axion and fetch() API and many other stuff.


Good overview on grips with Grid.

  • How to Easily Reuse Components Across Projects and Repositories

A tutorial on building, collaborating and distributing over components to create different projects.

  • Preview your Vue or React components using JSDoc

Guide on creating and publishing your Vue app documents


It’ll only be a couple of years before we reach Chrome 100 and it seems Firefox wants a piece of the action :-) Firefox’s release cadence will be moving from approx 6-8 weeks per version to just 4 from Firefox 71 onward.

Chrome 77 is rolling out to users now. Here, Pete LePage dives in to what’s new for developers in this latest version.

  • Javascript Overcomes Java as The Most Popular Programming Language of 2019

Well, cool news for all frontenders, is suppose =)

  • CSV & Excel to JSON in JavaScript

Ajax & Fetch can help you with that, learn how exactly.

  • Source-maps could be revealing your private project files

Article on a possible vulnerability, beware!

  • Axios or fetch(): Which should you use?

Article, which is written to give you the better understanding of both APIs.