Frontend News Digest 21 - 26.07

Let's check what's going on in field of frontend programming this week - JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, React Native, etc
26 July 2019   1169

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Frontend news digest.

The biggest news of last week is a released of the new version of Node.js - v12.7. Additionally, have prepared some interesting guides for you, that incluces basics of React Native and practical advice on how to improve your JS code.


  • The Fundamentals of React

An evergreen, one-stop-shop introductory guide to React that covers all of the fundamental concepts you need to know.

  • Practical Ways to Write Better JavaScript

You’re not necessarily going to agree with all of them but this is a reasonably solid batch of points to think about overall.

  • Creating WordPress Forms That Get Filled In

In this article, author will give you some tips on adding forms to your website that actually get filled in.

  • The Basics of Going 'Multithreaded' with Node 

Using the new worker_threads module — an amazing solution when you need to perform a CPU intensive task.


  • What's New in PHP 7.4

PHP 7.4 will be released on November 28, 2019 and here are some highlights of new features and changes.

What Makes Laravel Development A Preferred PHP Framework for Web Developers?

According to the developers, Laravel framework makes website development easier.


  • Node v12.7 (Current) Released 

Another version bump for perhaps the most exciting release line of Node.

  • Jay: A 'Supercharged' JavaScript REPL

An interesting alternative to Node’s built-in REPL that adds features like loading modules directly from the npm registry, eager evaluation, colored input, bracket completion, typeahead completion and more.

  • json-complete: A JSON Alternative That Retains References, Handles Circular Dependencies, and More 

Provides an interesting way to encode and store state and supports ‘almost every data type’ available in JavaScript.

  • Vuetify 2.0 Released: A Material Component Framework for Vue.js

A framework that provides clean, reusable components for Vue apps that adhere to Google Material Design principles.


  • On the New Awesomeness Coming in Vue.js 3.0 

An hour long chat with Vue.js core team member Chris Fritz on what’s coming in the next major version of Vue.

  • Laravel News Podcast LN87 -  Subscribable Notifications, Repeater Fields and Laracon US

Jake (web dev designer) and Michael (PHPAdelaide co-organiser) discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials and happenings in the community.


Frontend News Digest 1 - 7.02

How to Create a WP Site with JAMstack, formatting dates in JS with Intl.DateTimeFormat, Edge DevTools now supports more languages and more
07 February 2020   432

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new frontend technologies news digest.

Check the MongoDB One-to-Many Relationship tutorial with Mongoose examples, the CO2 emission of the websites new NodeJS update and other interesting things


  • How To Create A Headless WordPress Site On The JAMstack

Tutorial on simple way to create a WordPress site

  • MongoDB One-to-Many Relationship tutorial with Mongoose examples

Guide about Mongoose - the most popular way to use MongoDB from Node.js.

  • Formatting dates in JavaScript with Intl.DateTimeFormat

Check the modern way to format dates in a region friendly way using native APIs, as now supported all major browsers and both Node


  • CO2 emissions on the web

Learn the lever of CO2 emissions websites produce by consuming a lot of energy for its activity

  • Bringing the Microsoft Edge DevTools to more languages

Now Edge's DevTools support more languages


  • Chrome 80 - What’s New in DevTools


  • massCode

Snippets manager for developers

  • micro-jaymock

Tiny API mocking microservice for generating fake JSON data

  • Node v13.8.0 (Current)

Another update of popular solution

  • Electron 8.0.0

Major release of popular JS based solution