Frontend News Digest 3 -9.08

Learn this week's latest news and updates of JavaScript, CSS, PHP and related technologies
08 August 2019   1415

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Frontend news digest.

In this digest, you will learn how to improve your procedural code, how to deploy apps to to IBM cloud with Tekton, how to use Immer to manage your React state and much more!


  • Trigger Firebase Storage Image Resize with Cloud Functions

Tutorial on creating an imager resizer triggered by Firebase Storage

  • Using pipe and compose to improve procedural code

According to the creator, this guide will sohw you how to use pipe and compose to improve the way we write procedural code.

  • Deploying Applications to IBM Cloud Kubernetes via Tekton

This article talks about Tekton, an open-source framework for creating CI/CD systems, and explains how to deploy and use it on the IBM Cloud Kubernetes service

  • Quick Gulp Cache Busting

This tips will allow you to improve your work with Gulp

  • Using Immer for React State Management

Learn how Immer can help you to operate React states


  • Laravel Cloud Source Code on GitHub

Author believes that is a chance to get a glimpse of an application written by the creator of Laravel


  • Calendario

Library allowing to create flexible calendars

  • Symphony

According to the creators, 113 pull requests were merged (79 in code and 34 in docs) and 55 issues were closed (43 in code and 12 in docs)


  • The Date Object - Getting, Setting & Formatting Dates in JavaScript - Tutorial

  • Simple Slide Show in JavaScript | JavaScript exercises

Frontend News Digest 16-22.11

Publish NPM package with GitHub actions, Node.js 12.x runtime now available on AWS Lambda, video of Stefan Judis talk at GOTO 2019 and more
22 November 2019   390

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new frontend technologies news digest.

Learn about natural languages processing in Node, working with Node stream API, hack of the largest browsers by white hackers at the contest and much more.


  • How Do You Remove Unused CSS From a Site?

Skilled developer shares his thoughts at those unused CSS tools that promise to take care of everything, highlighting their problems and suggesting an alternatives

  • Natural Language Processing in Node 

The tutorial that covers the so-called natural library, which allows to parse, interpret, manipulate, and understand natural languages from user input with Node instead of commonly used Python

  • Working with Node's Stream API 

Basci guide for a thing that many Node developers get stuck on

  • Publish NPM package with GitHub Actions

Learn how to use largest service for common development actions to publish a NPM package


  • Chrome, Edge, Safari Hacked At Chinese Hacking Contest

White hackers gathered in Chengdu tested the "bulletproofness" of the biggest browsers; Browsers 0 - Hackers 1

  • Node.js 12.x Runtime Now Available on AWS Lambda

Now serverless functions on AWS Lambda can be developed using a new Node 12 runtime complete with up to date version of V8


  • GraphQuill

The VS Code extension that performs GraphQL API endpoint testing within the VS Code environment


  • GOTO 2019 • HTTP Headers for the Responsible Developer • Stefan Judis

  • Using APIs in Node.js - Create a Weather Application | Node.js tutorial for beginners