G20 Summit: What Should Crypto Community Expect?

Participants' names and dates of cryptocurrency-related meetings at G20 Summit unveiled
16 March 2018   686

The G20 summit, to be held next week in Argentina, will include two discussions on the topic of cryptocurrency. Participants of the meeting intend to develop a "common response" to the issue of regulating digital assets. This is reported by CoinDesk.

The first meeting will be held on Monday. Among others, the Minister of Finance of Argentina, Nicola Duchovny, and the Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Jose Angel Gurria, will attend. The second meeting will be held on Tuesday.

The agenda and the main issues of the discussions is not called. According to the information from the published document, they will be connected with the influence of the crypto currency and the possibilities for applying the underlying technology.

The issue is an important item on the meeting agenda; delegates will consider a common response that would mitigate the risks without discouraging innovation.

G20 Summit Public Document

 The document also notes that the blockchain "has the potential to spread financial services." At the same time, its drafters stress "it is important to analyze its implications to financial stability, tax evasion and financial illegal activities."

The discussion on the issue of crypto-currencies at the G20 summit was previously called for by representatives of the United States, Germany, France and Japan.

Ledger Team to Find Issue in New Nano S Software

Last update's security improvements have affected the amount of device memory
15 February 2019   114

Ledger hardware wallet developers stated that an unforeseen problem was found in software version 1.5.5 for the Nano S model. Improvements in the security context have affected the amount of device memory.

When planning for this update we didn’t anticipate the impact it would have on Ledger Nano S capacity. This was not planned obsolescence, simply put, we messed up. We apologize and we’re committed to making it right.

Ledger Team

The project team apologized for the incident and promised to fix the problem during the second quarter of 2019.

The project also announced the addition of Nano S support in the Ledger Live mobile app on Android.

Earlier, researchers at Wallet.fail discovered a number of vulnerabilities in the Trezor and Ledger hardware cryptocurrency wallets. As a result, they were able to conduct a series of successful attacks on wallets during the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig.