A Gang Arrested Over Bitcoin Miner Theft

Nine thieves were arrested in connection with the theft of cryptocurrency mining equipment in Malaysia
28 February 2018   1249

According to local news, the theft occurred in the town of Seri Kembangan. the gang was arrested at around 10 pm on February 23. Assistant Commissioner Megat Mohammad Aminudin Megat Alias stated that they tried to sell mining equipment via social media, particularly on Facebook. Nine thieves stole at least 58 machines.

The police managed to recover 58 machines worth more than RM500,000 (US$127,000).

More than that, members of this gang are suspected of involvement in other similar cases. These include the theft of an additional Bitcoin mining rig in Seri Kembangan on February 16.

We received four other similar reports in three areas in Serdang. We managed to solve two cases with the arrests of the suspects. As for the remaining cases, we have credible leads and the investigations are still ongoing.

The Assistant Commissioner

Amberdata to Study Abnormal ETH Miners Rewards

As reported, unknown person mixed up the “gas price” field and “transaction cost”, left the workplace, and the bot did not work correctly
21 February 2019   80

The research startup Amberdata analyzed the activity of the Ethereum network in the last 24 hours and, like the media, found five transactions with an abnormally high commission.

It turned out that all five transfers were made from one address. Within four hours, the owner of the address paid the miners about $ 583,976 for processing transactions.

Note that the commission for block # 7,238,290 in the amount of 2103,1485 ETH, which was received by the Sharkpool pool, is the largest in the history of the network. Nevertheless, representatives of the pool temporarily froze funds in case the owner of the address made a mistake.

Amberdata is convinced that an unknown person mixed up the “gas price” field and “transaction cost”, left the workplace, and then the bot did not work correctly.