Gese to Transfer Information About Alcoholic Beverages to Blockchain

Learn how new startup will solve the main challenges of the alcohol market
29 March 2018   3496

One of the promising areas for using the blockchain technology is the data systematization on the alcohol market. A high rate of counterfeit products forces manufacturers to introduce new methods of protection, and consumers are interested in choosing the best quality product from an affordable selection. Due to its high security, the blockchain technology is ideal for storing information about manufactured goods.

Currently, the alcohol market is experiencing the following five key problems:

  • Manufacturers lose money because of the spread of counterfeit products;
  • Brands can not effectively promoting their goods due to legislative limitations and low efficiency of existing tools;
  • Local vendors are having difficulty finding new customers;
  • Manufacturers of craft alcohol cannot attract investment for the implementation of their projects;
  • Consumers are faced with the problem of choosing quality alcohol at convenient locations and at affordable price.

None of the existing tools allows them to quickly solve all these problems. Excises and other methods of certification communicate only the safety level of the product but not its flavor. The search for reviews on numerous Internet sites is time-consuming. Obtaining a quick comparison of product prices, their availability at nearby stores and authenticating them becomes close to an insoluble problem.

The Gese project helps buyers find quality goods on store shelves, in pubs and restaurants. At the heart of its platform is the idea of quick access to information about the authenticity and taste of the product, which the client is going to buy here and now. To implement this concept, the startup is creating a worldwide database containing facts and opinions about all alcoholic beverages.


The core of the project is a distributed registry, which stores information about each produced bottle of alcohol. An NFC-tag or a QR-code – modern barcode analogs that allow storing detailed information about the product – could be attached to a bottle. To ensure product authenticity, you can simply place your smartphone over the bottle: the NFC-tag or the QR-code would instantly activate the Gese application and provide all the key product information. Given that it is impossible to forge data within the blockchain, buyers can be sure of their choice's reliability.

Authentication of goods is an important, but not the only Gese function. Like the Steemit platform, the system is a full-fledged Internet community. It allows you to leave feedback and estimate each drink's rating based on the opinions of millions of people around the world. Buyers do not need to enter the name of the drink – they only need to place their smartphone over the bottle to see reviews about a specific product or leave their own opinion. The ease of dealing with reviews dramatically increases their effectiveness: users become more willing to share their opinions about the product.

But the Gese project team decided to take one step further: the system has a powerful artificial intelligence that can select recommendations based on user preferences. AI makes a complete portrait of the person on the basis of sex, age, past purchasing experience and even publications in social networks. As a result, the user is given only those recommendations that he really wants to get.


The application takes into account geolocation data: similar to the Yandex.Market system, Gese will help you find information about the availability of goods and prices at nearby stores. The system will also suggest the location of the nearest container recycling points where users receive cryptocurrency bonuses for recycling their used bottles.

Finally, Gese is a convenient platform for blogging. In a free format, users can share their thoughts about alcoholic beverages they are familiar with, publish home beer recipes, or simply tell interesting life stories. The blog system is built on the principles of the Steemit community: the authors of the most popular posts are credited with internal cryptocurrency, which further stimulates the creation of useful content.

The advantages of Gese for manufacturers and sellers

The capabilities of Gese are relevant not only for consumers. Producers and sellers receive a powerful marketing tool for targeted promotion of their goods and services, which is especially true in countries where alcohol advertising is prohibited by law. The analysis of information obtained with the help of AI allows the producers and sellers to create an accurate portrait of their buyers and, as a result, offer them most suitable proposals.


Moreover, each manufacturer, retailer or local restaurant can use the Gese platform to create their own blog. Publication of interesting posts about alcohol is a great way to promote your brand to the target audience.

Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in the alcohol industry can get investments to launch their projects using the built-in crowdfunding platform. Public fundraising within Gese allows not only to get funding, but also to get attention from their target audience.

Project economics and technical implementation

The Gese platform is built on the basis of its own blockchain, working under the Proof-of-Authority scheme. The Gese blockchain will work in conjunction with the Ethereum chain, which will enable the full-fledged use of smart contracts as a result - it remains stable during an abrupt load increase since it has a large software toolkit.

To monetize the project, 6 main channels are used:

  • Manufacturers are charged for using NFC tags to protect their products.
  • Fees for opening new levels of user accounts. The account level affects the amount of reward that the user can receive for a review, comment or blog post.
  • Marketing fees: creating a positive image of the brand within the platform, promoting commercial posts, raising the product rating.
  • Fees for increasing the priority of the product placements within AI recommendations.
  • Commissions paid by entrepreneurs raising funds through crowdfunding.
  • Payment for placing information on the availability and value of goods in local stores, bars and restaurants.

Gese prototypeGese project prototype

The startup team is carrying out an ICO to finance a large-scale campaign promoting the project. Crowdsale will be held in 2 stages: from May 15th to May 30th, 2018 - Pre-ICO and from July 1st to July 30th - the main ICO stage. The total issue will be 600 million tokens, of which 390 million will be sold to investors during the ICO and Pre-ICO

Our team finds the Gese project very interesting and we highly recommend to take a closer look at the website of the company.

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