Git Cop 1.0.0 released

New Ruby gem released
19 June 2017   2479

According to the developer, this tool will help ensure good Git behavior on your feature branches so undesired commits never make it to master. 


A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity

Git Cop can be wired in as a Git Hook or be added as part of your build process so feature branch builds fail if commits are bad. Branch code reviews be focused on architecture and high level discussions while Git Cop takes care of reviewing Git commit behavior. All Git Cop checks are completely customizable.


  • Enforces a Git Rebase Workflow.
  • Enforces a consistent Git Commit Style.
  • Enforces good commit subjects with consistent prefixes, suffixes, and lengths.
  • Enforces good commit messages where subject and body are properly separated.

Requieres Ruby 2.4.1

You can have more information here.

Ruby\RoR News Digest 14.09 - 20.09

Learn the tips for the junior developers, Rails 5.2 changes in callbacks and ActionDispatch::Request::Session in Rails 6 
19 September 2019   133

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Ruby and Ruby on Rails news digest.

In this digest, you will learn how about one of the new Rails 6 feature, read some tips for junior devs, rewinding files before reading and more


  • More tips and tricks for junior developers

Piece of advice to newbies

  • Rewind Files Before Reading

Guide from the skilled developer

  • Renaming keys in PostgreSQL JSON / Migration template for gem Recorder

Tutorial on a very sophisticated topic, with a big piece of code.

  • Strip Whitespace from Heredocs in Ruby/Rails

Solution on an issue you may face while working with heredoc in Ruby/Rails app


  • Rails 6 adds ActionDispatch::Request::Session#dig

Article about new feature in Rails 6.

  • Rails 5.2 changes in callbacks

Learn about callbacks changes in Rails 5.2.


  • Passenger 6.0.4 Debian 10 Buster

New version of application server released.


  • MRS 096: Daniel Pritchett

Daniel Pritchett, an infrastructure engineer at Gremlin talks about his Ruby Story with Charles Max Wood, devchat - a podcast website creator.