GitLab 11.1 to be Available

New update of GitLab provides Security Dashboards, improved code search and focuses on modifying and improving the user interface
24 July 2018   1934

In their blog, GitLab developers told about new upgrade 11.1. Among the innovations there are changes in the user interface, security control panel, improved code search, and various fixes and improvements.

Security Control Panel

The new feature, which is designed to simplify the lives of security professionals, shows the status of protection of the main branch of each project. Thanks to this panel, developers see all the gaps and problems existing in the project, as well as the actions that can be taken to eliminate them. The panel is located in the Projects tab in the side menu. 

The function is available only for GitLab Gold and Infinite versions.

GitLab Security Dashboard
GitLab Security Dashboard

Improved code search

The update adds support for search filters by file name, path and its extension. Advanced query syntax parameters help to find more accurate results among both groups and projects.

The function is available for all versions of the system, both in the web interface and in the API.

GitLab Security Dashboard
GitLab Security Dashboard

Other changes in GitLab 11.1

In addition, the update focuses on modifying and improving the user interface. The merge query tools have received several new features that should simplify the work with them and make them more convenient. Switch between groups can be performed using the drop-down menu in the search. On the analytics page of the contribution of all participants, information about the performance of each participant is indicated in a bar chart.

Ruby/RoR News Digest 8 - 14.02

Guide on Ruby concurrency, understanding Rails secrets\credentails, system tests in Rails with Minitest and other interesting things
14 February 2020   201

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Ruby news digest.

Learn about automatic image moderation with Amazon Rekognition, the easy way of configurating Kubernetes for Ruby, how to migrate from Rails API to Crystal and AWS Lambda and check more intesting stuff. 


  • Opening The Ruby Concurrency Toolbox

This guide covers threads, fibers, guilds with some practical comparisons

  • Automatic image moderation using Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition detects inappropriate content in images and it can be used in Ruby with ActiveStorage

  • Understanding Rails secrets/credentials

Basic guide about storing secrets and credentials that don't need to be stored in plaintext

  • Rubynetes: Kubernetes config the easy way

Learn how to use Ruby with Kubernetes without YAML

  • Getting Started With System Tests in Rails With Minitest

Beginners tutorial on testing in Rails using popular solution

  • My Experience Migrating a Rails API to Crystal and AWS Lambda – Part I

A story, which can be used as a tutorial for migrating from Rails API to Crystal and AWS Lambda


  • Rails introduces disallowed deprecations in ActiveSupport

A newspost with detailed code example on new ActiveSupport feature


  • GitHub CLI is now in beta

New GitHub command line tool is now available in beta 

  • The Twitter Ruby Gem

A Ruby interface for the Twitter API

  • httplog

This solution will help for networks working - allows to log outgoing HTTP request with Ruby