Gladius to Cease Operations

Earlier, the SEC accused Gladius of selling unregistered securities; company shuts down failing to comply with the request for a refund to investors
25 November 2019   491

Gladius, a cybersecurity blockchain startup, has shut down, failing to comply with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) request for a refund to investors. Suspension notice was sent by co-founder and technology director Alex Godwin to Telegram.

We regret to inform you that Gladius Network LLC has ceased operations effective immediately and has filed for dissolution. Despite our best efforts, the company no longer has funds to continue operations.

Gladius Team

Earlier, the US Securities and Exchange Commission accused Gladius of selling unregistered securities. The project raised about $ 12.7 million during the token sale in late 2017. The SEC decided not to impose penalties on him, taking into account the fact that Gladius voluntarily reported the violations.

The SEC did not impose a penalty because the company self-reported the conduct, agreed to compensate investors, and will register the tokens as a class of securities.

Gladius Team

Last week, it became known that Gladius was among the startups that did not fulfill the terms of the agreement with the SEC, and did not pay off with investors.

Malaysia to Regulate ICO and IEO

Rules says tokens can be distributed via venture capitalists and financial institutions without selling shares and without debt instruments
16 January 2020   109

In Malaysia, the procedure for initial coin offerings (ICO) and initial exchange offerings (IEO) has been established. The Malaysia Securities and Exchange Commission (SC) provided relevant guidance for participants in the digital asset industry.

According to the regulator, projects can distribute their tokens through venture capitalists and financial institutions without selling shares and without using debt instruments. It was also established the maximum limit on the amount of funds raised through ICO, which will be 100 million Malaysian ringgit or about $ 24.5 million. No special requirements for investors are provided, that is, both institutional and retail investors will be able to participate in such campaigns.

After the completion of sales, the regulator will monitor the spending of collected funds.

Digital tokens offering can provide another alternative fundraising avenue for early-stage entrepreneurs. This initiative supports Malaysia’s Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 (SPV2030) by supporting the growth of SMEs and micro businesses which are targeted to contribute 50% to Malaysia’s GDP. It also aligned with SPV2030’s aspiration to create 30% high technology Malaysian companies.


Datuk Syed Zaid Albar

Chairman of the SC

In addition, the rules for the functioning of IEO platforms were established. Such platforms, if they operate in the country, must independently register with the agency. In addition, they must carry out the necessary checks to verify the integrity of the issuer, as well as understand the capabilities and characteristics of the token they offer.

New regulations are expected to be established in Malaysia in the second half of this year. At the first stage, SC intends to cooperate with IEO platforms on the issue of identifying satisfactory issuers.