Global hackathon by NEO×QRC in Tokyo

NEO blockchain and technology platform QRC are holding NEO×QRC Global hackathon event taking place on April 13-15 in Tokyo to address the growth and incubation of new blockchain projects
05 April 2018   1189

NEO blockchain project with regulation and technology platform QRC will host a global hackathon event in Tokyo on April 13 through 15 at Handshake Lounge of G.Itoya venue. This is an open invitation for teams and individuals to create dApps on the NEO blockchain with prizes awarded in NEO token. The focus of the event is the growth and incubation of new blockchain projects.

NEO and QRC are going to provide technical guidance throughout the hackathon as participants will be busy designing a blockchain project on the NEO platform. As the projects get finished, the teams will give a commercial demonstration of their finished product. Apart from NEO token awards the best teams will be granted with an incubation support offered by QRC.

The dApps categories include: regtech certification for examination and tracking, Internet of Things for remote controls or statistics, financial implementation for taxation, reports, and verifications, or an original project of the team’s design.

There are no signup fees and the highest skill team will get introduced to markets around the world via the network of QRC business partners. At the moment of publication the market parameters for NEO are as follows

Average price: $46.29

Market cap: $3,008,765,500

Average price: $66,880,300

Nash Exchange to be Launched on 23.08

Non-custodial Exchange is being created by active members of the City of Zion NEO-developers community since 2017 and is currently at the testing stage
29 July 2019   349

Developers of services in the field of decentralized finance Nash have named the date for the full launch of their non-custodial exchange.

Nash will go live on 23 August 2019. ETH/NEO cross-chain trading, funds management tools and fiat ramps will be available at launch, with more features coming soon!

Nash Team at Twitter

Nash is being created by active members of the City of Zion NEO-developers community since 2017 and is currently at the testing stage. The startup raised $ 12.25 million in venture capital and $ 25 million in the course of the Liechtenstein-registered offer of digital securities on the NEO blockchain.

Like other DEX, Nash Exchange will be based on a set of smart contracts, one of which will be responsible for keeping funds, the other for trading, and the third for communication between them.