GlobalCoin Holders May Receive Dividends From FB

Member of the Wyoming Blockchain Task force believes FB will profit from a basket of currencies and low-risk securities that will be used to secure Globalcoin
11 June 2019   768

The social network Facebook will pay a certain percentage to the holders of its Global Coin, which is preparing for an early launch. This assumption was made by a member of the Wyoming Blockchain Task force, Caitlin Long, Forbes reports.

According to Long, the company will make a profit from a basket of currencies and low-risk securities that will be used to secure cryptocurrency.

Facebook parks the entire US dollar balance at the Federal Reserve via one of its bank partners, for example, it could earn 2.35% risk-free—that’s $235 million for every $10 billion deposited into its cryptocurrency. These profits will quickly turn into a new hot potato for Facebook politically, if not shared with users.

Caitlin Long

Member, WY Blockchain Task Force

A significant role, according to Caitlin Long, will be played on the global market by the Swiss management company of this crypto project. She believes that the unit will take over the function of the central bank - it will determine the share of national currencies in the steylcoin basket in order to set its rate.

Also, Long did not rule out that in the future, the use of Global Coin could make regulators reconsider the criteria for securities.

Is Facebook’s cryptocurrency a security? If it is, will users face the absurdity of needing a US brokerage account to buy a cup of coffee with it? Will Facebook catch breaks from regulators that smaller start-ups haven’t—because of the tax data honeypot Facebook’s project will generate for governments? That’s a good segue to the next prediction.

Caitlin Long

Member, WY Blockchain Task Force

The expert added that, in general, the emergence of a new coin will positively affect Bitcoin, because, unlike him, the Global Coin offer is not limited and opens up prospects for trading in this pair.

Diffusion 2019 to Gather Crypto Hackers in Berlin

World most interesting tokenised protocol teams joined forces to create one of the biggest devconf in the world
20 September 2019   229

19th-20th October 2019, Berlin, one of the IT capitals of the world, will gather representatives of blockchain, AI, IoT and Big Data industries across the globe. 350 developers are going to test their skills, by hacking with 25m+ lines of open source code. Thousand of prizes awaits the winners.

This two-day event will focus on the practical application of open-source distributed ledger technology, smart contracts, machine learning and programmable tokens, to create a new data layer.


Diffusion 2019 Attendants
Diffusion 2019 Attendants

The conference will last for two days and is focused on the practical usage of open-source blockchain technology, machine learning, programmable tokens and smart contracts with a goal to create a new data layer. 

If you are not a skilled programmer, you will find what to do, Join panels, chats, workshops. Discuss the latest topics, such as token economics, blockchain for enterprise, AI, deep learning and more. Whether you are a dev, work in IT or tech industry, geek or just interested all that new - this is a place for you. You will be able to discuss things and share knowledge with lead developers, professors, start-upers and CEOs.

Part of Diffusion 2019 Attendants
Part of Diffusion 2019 Attendants

The event will take place at the Factory Berlin.

Hype.Codes team is happy to report that our journalist is going to the Diffusion 2019 too! Anton will provide you, our dear readers, with the freshest news and announces straight from the Factory.

Also, check out the latest conference's partnership with ETHBerlin.

And now the most interesting thing. You will be able to to take part in a hackathon for free!

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Not a coder, but still want to attend an event? 

Get your ticket here!