GMO Internet Mining Power to Rise Significantly

The Japanese giant mined almost 2 000 000 USD in February
06 March 2018   552

In February, the Japanese conglomerate GMO Internet Group earned about $ 1.8 million with mining. In a month, the company produced 124 bitcoins and 287 Bitcoin Cash, reports Finance Magnates.

Compared to January, the productivity of GMO mining farms has grown significantly - then the company produced 93 BTC and 25 BCH. Thus, in February bitcoins were produced by 30% more, and the volume of received BCH grew more than 10 times.

It is noted that during the same period, the company's total hashrate increased from 27 to 108 PH / s, demonstrating a fourfold increase. According to GMO representatives, by the end of 2018 the organization plans to reach the level of 3000 PH / s.

For comparison, San Francisco company BitFury, which accounts for about 1.6% of the world's production capacity, mine a crypto currency with a frequency of about 295 PH / s. Thus, GMO Internet has already reached about a third of this hashrate in just two months.

Chinese Hackers Mined $800k Worth Siacoin Hiddenly

According to the police, hackers in collusion with serving companies hacked 100,000 computers in Internet cafes in 30 Chinese cities
19 June 2018   123

In China, 16 people were arrested who earned $ 800,000 on the illegal mining of Siacoin cryptocurrency in the Internet cafes in dozens of Chinese cities, CoinDesk reports.

According to the police of Chinese Ruian (Zhejiang Province), hackers in collusion with serving companies hacked 100,000 computers in Internet cafes in 30 Chinese cities . Their income was 5 million yuan ($ 800,000).

Hackers used a malicious program that used the computing resources of infected devices to extract Siacoin crypto currency. Malicious software was sold to employees of computer maintenance companies who could download it to a PC in an Internet cafe during scheduled checks.

Suspicions arose in July 2017, when employees of Internet cafes in Ruyan noticed that their computers began to work very slowly. The CPU performance dropped by 70% even after the reboot.

Around the same time, the price of Siacoin according to CoinMarketCap grew by 400% from $ 0.002 in May to more than $ 0.01 in July. Accounts for utility services of Internet cafe Ruiana during this period also significantly increased. This caused their owners to contact the police.

Most Internet cafes in Ruian were served by one company. Its executive director was arrested in August last year, and disclosed information about hackers.