GNU Rush 2.0 to be Available

Rush is created for systems with limited remote access, so, for example, it can be used to remotely launch programs in a chroot environment
03 July 2019   1503

GNU Rush 2.0 (Restricted User Shell), designed for use in systems with reduced remote access, which require restriction of user actions, is released. Rush makes it possible to determine which command line functions a user can use and what resources are provided to him (memory size, processor time, etc.).

For example, Rush can be used to remotely launch programs in a chroot environment, which helps increase security when providing access through programs such as sftp-server or scp, which by default have access to the entire file system. Another useful feature of Rush is to support sending a notification to another process about the end of a user session via a network or Unix socket. All connections through Rush are tracked and logged. To view a list of active users and their connection history, rushwho and rushlast utilities are offered.

In the new release, the configuration processing code has been completely rewritten and a new syntax of the file with the settings has been proposed (the old syntax support has been retained for backward compatibility). The new syntax offers new control structures and processing instructions for various operations.

Red Hat's CFO to Left His Possition

Due to the "violation of Red Hat's operating standards" Eric Shander was fired without appropriate $4 000 000 payment
14 October 2019   177

Eric Shander has been dismissed as Red Hat CFO without paying the $ 4 million bonus set before IBM acquired Red Hat. The decision was made by the board of directors of Red Hat and approved by IBM. As a reason for dismissal without appropraite payments, a violation of Red Hat's operating standards is mentioned. The spokesman refused to provide more information about the reasons for the dismissal, but explained that the accounting and financial statements of the company are in good order.

Eric was hired by Red Hat in 2015, initially serving as acting financial director, and in 2017 was approved as permanent financial director. Prior to joining Red Hat, Eric Chander held various financial positions at IBM and Lenovo.