Go 1.11 to be Released

According to the developers, the most significant changes in the release concern the support of WebAssembly and the new concept of modules
27 August 2018   740

The Go team announced a stable release of the version of the language under the number 1.11. According to the developers, the most significant changes in the release concern the support of WebAssembly and the new concept of modules. Go 1.11 requires versions of the OS no older than OpenBSD 6.2, macOS 10.10 Yosemite or Windows 7.

Go 1.11 New Features

  • Go 1.11 adds preliminary support for a new concept called “modules', an alternative to GOPATH with integrated support for versioning and package distribution. Using modules, developers are no longer confined to working inside GOPATH, version dependency information is explicit yet lightweight, and builds are more reliable and reproducible.
  • Go 1.11 adds an experimental port to WebAssembly (js/wasm).
  • A new package is presented that provides a simple API for searching and downloading packages with the original Go-code.
  • Improved presentation of information during debugging, including information on line numbers and placement of breakpoints.
  • Added support for more functions for embedding by default, including those that cause panic.
  • A new format for exporting these packages is presented. It is assumed that for end users it will be more transparent and understandable, besides, it speeds up the assembly of large projects. In case of problems, you can turn it off at compile time.

Learn more at Release Notes. Previous Go version was released in February.

GoLand 2018.3 to be Released by JetBrains

New version of IDE for Go programming language has a lot of new features
22 November 2018   535

Team JetBrains introduced a new version of IDE GoLand 2018.3. In this update, users will see:

  • refactoring by changing the signature;
  • memory dump;
  • Testify support;
  • new debugger tools;
  • Improved verification, prediction and code completion;
  • chart support;
  • updates for VCS, Docker, Kubernetes.

The new method of processing the code Change Signature will allow a single action to change the signature of functions and methods throughout the workspace. The function will show what will change in the code after application. The Inline tool will highlight the embedded code, and Rename will notify you of possible conflicts when renaming.

Added the ability to run and debug Google App Engine applications locally.

Go memory dumps are now available via Run / Open Core Dump directly in the IDE. To automatically create memory dumps, you need to enter GOTRACEBACK = crash in the Environment field.

Also, GoLand 2018.3 supports the Mozilla debugger rr, which allows you to search for a crash in the program by playing back its execution.

Get more info at official blog.

The previous version of GoLand 2018.2 was released in July 2018.