Go 1.9 Beta 1 finally released

Go1.9beta1 information
15 June 2017   1157

Great news for all Go enthusiasts, go1.9beta1, a beta version of Go 1.9 have been just released. It is piece from the master branch of the revision go1.9beta1.


Open source programming language developed by the members of Google team and contributors of open source community

At the moment, there are no known problems or issues.
Developers ask every Go coder to try running production load tests and unit tests with this new version. Report any problems using the issue tracker.

If you already have Go installed, the easiest way to try go1.9beta1 is by using this tool. Feel free to download all distributions from the usual place, here.

Gradual code repair while moving a type between packages is now supported in Go thanks to type aliases. List of all other changes in Go 1.9, can be found in the draft release notes.

Go 1.9 docs available here.

NGINX to Release Unit 1.3 Beta

Developers expanded the ability to run web applications in Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Go
16 July 2018   106

In open access, a beta version of the NGINX Unit 1.3 application server was released. Developers continued to expand the ability to run web applications in Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Go. The project code is written in C and is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.


Version 1.3 eliminates the problems with handling errors when installing HTTP connections.

Among other changes:

  • parameter max_body_size to limit the size of the body of the request;
  • new parameters for setting timeouts when setting up an HTTP connection:
         "settings": {
              "http": {
                  "header_read_timeout": 30,
                  "body_read_timeout": 30,
                  "send_timeout": 30,
                  "idle_timeout": 180,
                  "max_body_size": 8388608
  • automatic use of the Bundler where possible in the Ruby module;
  • http.Flusher interface in the module for the Go language;
  • The possibility of using characters in the UTF-8 encoding in the request headers.

The first version of the NGINX 1.1 application server was released in mid-April 2018. Under the control of NGINX Unit, several applications can be executed simultaneously in different programming languages, the startup parameters of which can be changed dynamically without the need to edit the configuration files and restart.