Go burst in top 10 of the TIOBE index

One of the most authoritative ratings of programming languages gave Go 10th place
14 July 2017   698

Open source project developed by a team at Google and many contributors from the open source community.

Go, interesting and young programming language, is now in top 10 of TIOBE index.

Tiobe index

This is an important spot for the Go, but it also makes you wonder what's next. Will Go really burst in top league of programming languages and leave JavaScript and PHP behind? We will see. 

The TIOBE Programming Community index is an indicator of the popularity of programming languages updated once a month.The rates are based on the number of skilled coders world-wide, learning cources and third party vendors. Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu are used to calculate the ratings. It is important to note that the TIOBE index is not about the best programming language or the language in which most lines of code have been written.

Brigade launched

Event-driven scripting tool for Kubernetes released by Microsoft
31 October 2017   444

Microsoft has unveiled its new Open Source development for the needs of DevOps, a Brigade utility designed to run scripts that are executed on a Kubernetes cluster on an event.

The Brigade utility was created by former employees of Deis, a company that Microsoft bought earlier this year. Deis was working on Kubernetes, Helm and Draft. The purpose of Brigade is to "script simple and complex workflows using JavaScript." The solution allows to associate containers by running them sequentially or in parallel and invoking scripts based on time, events in GitHub (also supported by "DockerHub and other popular web services"), push operations in Docker or other triggers. Readme of the project describes it as "a tool for creating pipelines for Kubernetes".

Brigade architecture
Brigade architecture 

Brigade is written in Go and TypeScript / JavaScript, it functions as a service inside Kubernetes. The job (task) in Brigade is a JavaScript script that is interpreted by the product service, which leads to the creation of the necessary resources in Kubernetes. Next, Brigade expects events and performs the corresponding task trigger. It is assumed that the new solution is well suited for the tasks of continuous integration and delivery of applications (CI / CD), tk. simplifies automated testing, assembly of artifacts and releases, management of software deployment.

Check GitHub for more information.