Goldman Sachs CEO: I'm Open to Bitcoin

Lloyd Blankfein, Chainman and CEO at Goldman Sachs gave interview to Bloomberg about Bitcoin
03 November 2017   1438

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said in interview to Bloomberg that he isn't comfortable with bitcoin, but he is open to this cryptocurrency.

Bloomberg talked with mr. Blankfein at Goldman Sachs Sustainable Finance Innovation Forum in New York. CEO said the he has a "level of discomfort" over bitcoin as he has with anything new. 

I’ve learned over the years that there’s a lot of things that workout pretty well that I don't love. Maybe in the new world, something gets backed by consensus ... If we went into the future and bitcoins were successful, I would be able to explain how it's a natural evolution of money.

Lloyd Blankfein
CEO and Chairman, Goldman Sachs

Mr. Blankfein also noted that he is "still thinking about bitcoin" and that he is not "endorsing or rejecting" . 

We Aren't Going to Launch Crypto Desk, - Goldman Sachs

This was said by company's CEO during a meeting of the US House of Representatives devoted to issues of accountability and trust in financial institutions
12 April 2019   249

The CEO of the investment bank Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, during a meeting of the US House of Representatives, said that his company did not plan to launch a platform for trading cryptocurrencies. This is reported by The Block.

Referring to the publication of Bloomberg in December 2017, Solomon stressed that the company had never had plans to launch such a trading platform. According to him, the publication incorrectly interpreted the information from Goldman Sachs:

First, that Bloomberg article was not correct. Like others, we are watching and doing work to try and understand the cryptocurrency market as it develops. We have some clients that have certain functionality that we’ve engaged with on clearing physically settled futures, but other than that we never had plans to open a cryptocurrency desk.

David Solomon

CEO, Goldman Sachs

When asked about the likelihood of launching cryptocurrency products in the future, Solomon answered rather evasively:

We might at some point [explore a desk] in time, but no question when dealing with cryptocurrency it’s a new area, there are a lots of issues…unclear from regulatory perspective and it’s not clear in the long-run if those currencies will be viable.

David Solomon

CEO, Goldman Sachs

The meeting, at which Solomon spoke, was generally devoted to issues of accountability and the problems of citizens' trust in financial institutions. The meeting was attended by the heads of the seven largest US banks.