Google to Release Dart 2.0, 'JS Alternative'

Popularity of the 'JavaScript alternative from Google' growth rapidly
08 August 2018   1942

Developers from Google published a version of the programming language Dart 2.0 for mobile and web systems. The new release has a strict static typing, but types can be displayed automatically and their annotations are still not mandatory.

In Dart 2, the "strong" mode for strict type checking has replaced the "checked" mode for their limited verification. Typing and the dartdevc compiler provide fast compilation in JavaScript without virtual machines. To test applications, you can now use compilation in JavaScript and any regular browsers instead of Dartium.

Working with the interface
In the new language version, you can define widgets for the interface without having to use the new and const keywords. Previously, you had to use a separate markup language for this.

Application Development
To create mobile applications, you can use the Flutter framework. For web development, the Dart 2 creators offer a set of specific libraries, such as dart: html and Angular. It is also possible to create homogeneous systems with a single common code base.

Growth of Dart popularity
In 2018, the number of questions about Dart on the Stack Overflow platform has increased dramatically.

Dart Related Questions
Dart Related Questions

TIOBE rating for August 2018, the programming language is ranked 24th. Also at the GitHub ranking for the second quarter of 2018, Dart is ranked 23rd.

In February 2018, a beta version of Dart 2.0 was introduced. In addition, Google is actively working on the operating system Fuchsia, written in Dart..

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