Google to Urge to Solve Global Problems with AI

Companies selected as part of the AI ​​Impact Challenge will share a $ 25 million grant from the company
31 October 2018   573

Google urged non-profit, scientific and public organizations to suggest ways of using AI to solve social, humanitarian and environmental problems. Companies selected as part of the AI ​​Impact Challenge will share a $ 25 million grant from Google and will be assisted by AI specialists and will participate in the Launchpad Accelerator program. In the spring of 2019, an international team of experts will help Google choose the winning projects.

Google gave examples of successfully implemented projects that AI Impact Challenge participants can focus on:

  • Protection of Nature. Daniel de Leon used machine learning to analyze 100,000 hours of sounds made by rare whale species in the Pacific. Now AI automatically recognizes and classifies these sounds. In the future, scientists hope to use it to preserve rare mammals.
  • Fighting unemployment. The Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator project has helped more than 50,000 people in South Africa find jobs that do not require special skills.
  • Flood forecasting. Google developers have combined physical modeling and machine learning to predict floods.
  • Prevent forest fires. Two high school students from California created a device that uses AI to identify areas at risk of forest fires.
  • Baby health. The Canadian company Ubenwa has developed a mobile application that determines generic asphyxia by infant crying. Timely measures help reduce the risk of negative consequences for the newborn.

For those wishing to participate, but not sufficiently knowledgeable about machine learning, the company has compiled a manual.

When it comes to the use of AI, Google’s management is committed to ethical and reputational practices. In early October 2018, the company refused to participate in the Pentagon’s tender for $ 10 billion. A spokesman for the company said that this project may be contrary to the opinion of developers on the development of artificial intelligence.

Ping An Insurance to Use SingularityNET's AI Solutions

Ping An is the largest insurance corporation in the world with capitalization $217B (as for January 2018)
14 March 2019   172

SingularityNET blockchain platform and the Chinese insurance corporation Ping An will cooperate in the field of artificial intelligence and launch a number of joint initiatives. This is reported in the project's blog.

As the head of Ping An's AI direction, Bai Meng, said, the company is interested in the commercial application of optical character recognition technology, cross validation and machine learning offered by the SingularityNET ecosystem.

In the future, platform solutions can be used in Ping An's AI initiatives, such as Smart City and One Minute Clinic.

Ping An is the largest insurance corporation in the world. As of January 2018, the company's capitalization was estimated at $ 217 billion. Ping An shares are included in the Hang Seng Index - a composite index of the 50 largest companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

At the end of 2017, SingularityNET raised $ 32.8 million on ICO. The project token has been listed on Binance cryptoexc.

Against the background of news on cooperation with Ping An, the price of the SingularityNET (AGI) token began to rise rapidly in the morning of Thursday, March 14, rising to a peak by more than 13% in a short period of time, after which it corrected somewhat.