GPUs Price May Drop by 20%

Mining popularity decrease may hit hard on the GPUs prices
03 July 2018   391

In July, we should expect a 20% drop in prices for video cards due to a decrease in interest in cryptocurrencies. This is reported by Techradar.

According to representatives of the company DigiTimes, graphics processors producers are seeing a decrease in demand for their goods. The main reason, in their opinion, is that amateur miners have become less likely to buy video cards for their farms, as well as massively sell out graphic processors at a low price due to the rejection of their hobby.

In addition, because the market is oversaturated with cheap video cards, the manufacturers of computer components are in no hurry to release new models due to the current situation.

For example, Nvidia postponed the release of a new generation of video accelerators, as the company has not yet sold the latest graphics processor model.

Note that in June, one of Taiwan's vendors returned Nvidia 300 thousand video cards, which were unclaimed due to falling sales.

DigiTimes also reports that ASIC sales – dedicated mining rigs that the serious miners use rather than simple PCs with multiple graphics cards – are also slumping, unsurprisingly.

South Korea to Allocate $880M for Tech Including DLT

The goal is to "focus on promoting big data and AI, developing blockchain technology to ensure data management security and boosting the sharing economy"
16 August 2018   118

In 2019, the government of South Korea plans to invest more than $ 880 million in accelerating the development of innovative technologies, such as blockchain, CoinDesk reports.

Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon held a ministerial meeting to work out an investment plan for the government to develop innovations for the next five years.

According to the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of South Korea, the government allocated 1 trillion won (about 880 million dollars) - 80% more than in 2018 - for the development of technologies like blockchaain, big data and AI in 2019. In addition, the agency said that in the next 5 year total investments of 8-9 billion dollars are planed.

The goal is to "focus on promoting big data and AI, developing blockchain technology to ensure data management security and boosting the sharing economy," the press release said.

The investment plan does not specify how much money will be invested in each of these areas separately. There's no info wether it will be allocated to mining facilities.

Earlier, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of South Korea reported that in 2019 will allocate $ 9 million to invest in blockchain start-ups. In addition, in June it became known that the same ministry was cooperating with other state agencies on the development of six pilot programs, within which the block would be used in large government services.