GTK 4 to be Released Next Fall

Among other things, the team has decided that before the final release, it is necessary to bring to the end 5 planned functional changes
02 September 2019   963

A plan for the formation of the GTK 4 release has been outlined. It is noted that it will take about another year to bring GTK 4 to its proper form (GTK 4 has been developing since summer 2016). Until the end of 2019, it is planned to prepare another experimental release of the GTK 3.9x series, then in the spring of 2020 the final test release of GTK 3.99 will be offered, which includes all the intended functionality. The release of GTK 4 is expected in early fall 2020, simultaneously with GNOME 3.38.

Before the final release, it is necessary to bring to the end five planned functional changes, including the work of replacing fixed widgets with scalable views, a new API for animating and translating effects and indicators of progress on it, completing the processing of the pop-up menu system (developing ideas related to nested submenus and drop-down menus), replacing the old hotkey system with event handlers, finalizing the new API for Drag & Drop operations.

Among the optional features that team would like to add before the release of GTK 4, the "UI designer" widget, improved means for splitting the upper panels and the widget repository through which experimental widgets can be delivered without integration into the main structure of GTK stand out. The development of tools for porting applications to GTK4 is also mentioned, for example, the preparation of the corresponding versions of the GtkSourceView, vte and webkitgtk libraries, as well as the provision of platform support. For example, the OpenGL-based rendering system works well on Linux, but the Vulkan-based rendering system still needs to be improved. On Windows, the Cairo library is used for rendering, but an alternative implementation based on ANGLE (a layer for translating OpenGL ES calls to OpenGL, Direct3D 9/11, Desktop GL and Vulkan) is under development. For macOS, a fully functional rendering backend is not yet available.

4MLinux 30.0 to be Released

Linux fans received a new version of a custom distributive
03 September 2019   926

The release of 4MLinux 30.0, a minimalist custom distribution that is not an offshoot of other projects and uses a graphical environment based on JWM, is available. 4MLinux can be used not only as a Live environment for playing multimedia files and solving user problems, but also as a system for crash recovery and a platform for launching LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PHP). The size of the iso-image is 840 MB (i686, x86_64).

In the new release, the basic distribution provides OpenGL support for games that does not require the installation of additional drivers. If necessary, an automatic shutdown of the Pulseaudio sound server is implemented (for example, for old classic games). The composition includes a FlMusic sound player, Sound Studio sound editor, fdkaac utility for using the Fraunhofer FDK AAC codec. Qt5 and GTK3 added support for WebP images.

Updated versions of packages, including the Linux kernel 4.19.63, LibreOffice, AbiWord 3.0.2, GIMP 2.10.12, Gnumeric 1.12.44, Firefox 68.0.2, Chromium 76.0.3809.100, Thunderbird 60.8.0, Audac ious 3.10.1, VLC, mpv 0.29.1, Mesa 19.0.5, Wine 4.14, Apache httpd 2.4.39, MariaDB 10.4.7, PHP 7.3.8, Perl 5.28.1, Python 3.7.3.