Gumi to Launch $30M Blockchain Investment Fund

New fund will specialize in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-projects investments
31 May 2018   796

Specializing in mobile games development, the Japanese company Gumi has created an investment fund with assets of $ 30 million, CoinJournal reports.

A new fund called Gumi Cryptos. It will specialize in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-projects investments. The organization will be headed by the CEO and founder of Gumi Chirono Kunimitsu and creator of the Evercoin, Miko Matsumura.

Having advised top global cryptocurrency startups alongside some of the best investors in the world, I’ve come to realize that all of them struggle to break into Japan, the largest cryptocurrency market in the world. I’m excited to join gumi and their well-respected network in Japan.

Miko Matsumura

Founder, Evercoin

Previously, the company invested in the "stable coin" called Basis, as well as in the blockchain start-up Robot Cache, creating a decentralized alternative to the Steam platform.

Waves to Release Node 1.0

According to the team, Node 1.0 is a culmination of many months of work and now RIDE programming language is supported for the mainnet
26 June 2019   85

Waves blockchain platform this Tuesday announced the release of a major update Node 1.0, which will significantly expand the capabilities of its ecosystem.

The developers call Node 1.0 the culmination of months-long work and pay particular attention to the release of the RIDE programming language for the core network Waves, which is focused on creating stable decentralized applications.

In addition, with Node 1.0 in Waves, it will be possible to release collection items on the blockchain or non-fungible-tokens, similar to those used, for example, in Ethereum-based CryptoKitties.

Also, users of the Waves decentralized exchange will be able to use assets other than WAVES coins to pay commissions. Calculation of commissions in this case will be carried out on the basis of the exchange rate of Waves DEX. The developers claim that their community members have been asking for a long time to implement this feature.

Activation of the update will require the accumulation of 80% of the votes of the participants in the ecosystem. For comparison, in EOS, where a similar consensus mechanism is used, the minimum bar is 15%. Node 1.0 on the Waves core network will be launched one week after reaching the specified number of votes. At the same time, users and developers will have access to all the new features.