Hackers to Steal 200 BTC from Electrum Users

Users with accounts affected see fake error message with fraudulent link
28 December 2018   343

Electrum wallet hacked, servers replaced with malicious versions. This, in particular, is reported by the user Reddit under the nickname Crypto God.

Electrum Wallet hacked. 200 BTC stolen so far (nearly $800,000). Details inside... from r/CryptoCurrency

According to him, the hacker installed a bunch of malicious servers. If the Electrum wallet is connected to one of these servers, then the user sees an "official" error message when performing an outgoing transaction. It also speaks of the need to update the wallet and offers to follow a fraudulent link.

Crypto God also cites one of the attacker's BTC addresses, on which 243 Bitcoins have already been accumulated.

Another Reddit user has posted a post about the problem that is similar in content. Also, the problem is actively discussed on GitHub.

Electrum representatives confirmed information about an ongoing phishing attack by providing the correct link to their official website.

Bitfury to Unveil BTC's Lightning Network Tools

An open-sourced LN wallet, software and hardware payment acceptance solutions, etc
23 January 2019   96

Bitfury Group presented a number of tools designed to foster the development of the Lightning Network (LN), CoinDesk reports.

Among them: an open-sourced LN wallet, software and hardware payment acceptance solutions for merchants and payment processing. The company also introduced tools for developers and an open-source LN node called The Peach.

According to Bitfury representatives, all these tools are designed to make working with a second-level network easier and more convenient for companies and ordinary users. New products created by the Lightning Peach team.

By providing these products to the market, Bitfury is encouraging worldwide adoption of this technology and providing unparalleled support to consumers and merchants.

Valery Vavilov

CEO, Bitfury

Among other things, last week Bitfury added support for LN solutions on the BTCBIT cryptocurrency exchange.