Hackers Stole Around 14% of ETH and BTC Supply

According to Autonomous Research, in less than a decade hackers stole $1.2B in BTC and ETH
19 January 2018   519

Lex Sokolin, global director of fintech strategy at Autonomous Research LLP said to Bloomberg that in less than less than a decade hackers stole $1.2B in BTC and ETH.

It looks like crypto hacking is a $200 million annual revenue industry. Hackers have compromised more than 14 percent of the Bitcoin and Ether supply.

Lex Sokolin

Global director of fintech strategy, Autonomous Research LLP

In addition, the theft of the сryptocurrency was a loss for companies and governments of about $ 11.3 billion - potentially it could be taxes and commissions from legal transactions, said WinterGreen Research CEO Susan Eustis.

Vulnerabilities are also subject to smart contracts. June 17, 2016, one of the most large-scale attacks in the crypto industry took place - due to a mistake in the code, the promising and very popular project The DAO lost more than $ 60 million.

Co-founder of Quantstamp Richard Ma believes that in part the fault is the old-fashioned thinking of programmers.

When you have a bug, you release a patch. With a smart contract, you deploy it to the network, and it’s not possible to ever change it again.

Richard Ma 

Сo-founder, Quantstamp 

However, according to him, this opens up new opportunities for companies specializing in cyber security. For example, in March, Quantstamp will release an automated tool for checking smart contracts for errors. In addition, established and well-known companies in this industry, including McAfee Inc., can also be redesigned to protect innovative systems.

ACINQ to Release Lightning API For Bitcoin Mainnet

Strike is API for easy acception of Lightning network payments
25 May 2018   33

Developers from ACINQ presented a version of Strike API for Lightning-payments in the main bitcoin network.

Strike is an API for easy acception of Lightning payments. From a technical point of view, the service works as follows: ACINQ receives and aggregates incoming payments, and then periodically sends transactions to the recipient's wallet. In other words, companies can offer their clients instant and low-cost payments, receiving funds through the usual cash transaction.

We take a 1% fee on payments, and that’s it. Automated payouts to your Bitcoin wallet are free of charge, because we batch them among merchants. The threshold for automated withdrawals can be set between 0.1–1 BTC.


Also, users can make a payment to the wallet manually, however in this case you will have to pay a commission of 0.5 mBTC.

According to ACINQ representatives, although using Strike and assuming the need to trust a third party, the level of risk is minimal, since the service sends an onchain-transaction every time the total amount of payments reaches a user-adjustable threshold.

The developers noted that the Strike integration with the WooCommerce plugin is currently underway. In addition, ACINQ is considering the possibility of partnership with the Canadian Internet company Shopify, which specializes in developing software for online and retail stores. The company serves 500,000 trading companies with a combined turnover of $ 45 billion.