Hackers to Use XSS Vulnerability in WP Plugin

Online stores are the victims of hacker attacks, but the patch is already available
14 March 2019   2391

Hackers install backdoors on websites of online stores through XSS vulnerability in WordPress plugin. Only administrators and privileged users can use the plugin - this allows you to run malicious code with high-level rights.

The plugin Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce has more than 20 thousand downloads, it is widely distributed. The developers have already released a patch in version 5.2.

Solaris OS to be Updated

New version has a lot of updated, including  PHP 7.3.2 package with xdebug 2.7.0
26 June 2019   323

An update of the Solaris 11.4 SRU 10 operating system has been published, offering a series of regular fixes and improvements for the Solaris 11.4 branch. To install the patches proposed in the update, simply run the command 'pkg update'.

In the new release:

  • Added PHP 7.3.2 package with xdebug 2.7.0;
  • The kit includes the SCAT toolkit (Solaris Crash Analysis Tool) version 5.5.1;
  • Updated software versions: GNU Parallel 20190322, libvdpau 1.2, pcre2 10.32, harfbuzz 2.3.1, util-macros 1.19.2, pixman 0.38.0, libSM 1.2.3, libogg 1.3.3, libevent 2.1.8, libdrm 2.4.97 , xorg-server 1.20.3, GNU Emacs 26.1, xcb-proto 1.13, libxcb 1.13.1, libgpg-error 1.36, gzip 1.10, oniguruma 6.8.2, tcl 8.6;
  • Updated versions of software with vulnerability troubleshooting: sqlite 3.28.0, poppler 0.75.0, ntp 4.2.8p13, Thunderbird 60.7.0, Wireshark 2.6.9, ICU 63.1, Firefox 60.7.0esr, Imagemagick 6.9.10-34;
  • Updated NVIDIA driver and gnuplot package.