HashChain Acquires Node40 to Improve Mining

HashChain Technology has announced that it acquired technology company NODE40 in order to diversify its cryptocurrency mining strategy with blockchain
31 January 2018   3263

NODE40 Balance is a robust cryptocurrency reporting software that integrates directly with certain major cryptocurrency exchanges, and NODE40 also provides Dash masternode hosting services. The company's aim is to free cryptocurrency investors from the technical hurdles and time investment needed to run Dash masternodes.

NODE 40 was recentry acquired by HashChain, a blockchain technology company, and the publicly traded Canadian cryptocurrency mining company which supports flexible mining operations across major cryptocurrencies.

Patrick Gray, the founder of HashChain stated that one of the major goals of the industry at the moment is cryptocurrency accounting and reporting for tax purposes, that is why software developed by NODE40 is on such a high demand.

Cryptocurrency mining remains an important focus for HashChain, as we continue to acquire more Rigs and generate revenue on a large scale. The acquisition of the NODE40 Business is an important next step of creating a global blockchain technology company.

Patrick Gray
CEO and Founder, HashChain

Perry Woodin, the co-founder of NODE40 stated that the acquisition of NODE40 by HashChain means that the companies can rapidly grow blockchain service offerings, as it expects to expand the NODE40 Balance accounting service to support additional transparent blockchains and integrate with many more exchanges.

Nvidia to Unveil Mining GPUs Sales Profit

In the first quarter of the fiscal year 2019, miners brought to the giant $ 289 million in profit
11 May 2018   194

Nvidia Corporation published data on revenues from the sales of video cards for the production of crypto-currencies for the first time. So, in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2019, miners brought to the giant $ 289 million in profit. At the same time, the company expects that this figure will become much smaller in the second quarter, Bloomberg reports.

For example, during a group call on revenue, Nvidia CEO Huang Jenxun noted that the demand for video cards for mining was higher than expected, but the company believes that in future the number of GPUs bought by miners will decrease by about two-thirds.

Crypto miners bought a lot of our GPUs in the quarter and it drove prices up. I think that a lot of gamers weren’t able to buy into the new GeForce as a result.

Jensen Huang

Chief Executive Officer, Nvidia

The mining GPUs sales profit of Nvidia, was higher than that predicted by analysts. For example, Christopher Rolland of Susquehanna predicted that the corporation will earn about $ 200 million on video cards for the production of cryptocurrency.

Earlier, the head of Nvidia, Huang Jensen, said that, despite the pressure from regulators, cryptocurrencies will be popular for many more years. At the same time, according to a study by analyst firm Jon Peddie Research, the cryptocurrency alaquotes helped AMD reduce the market gap from Nvidia and secured 10% of the company's profit in the first quarter of 2018.