Haskell developer salary August 2017

United States Haskell developers labor market analysis according to the results of August, 2017
21 August 2017   5072

We publish the analysis of the labor market of developers in the United States monthly. For Haskell developers there were 22 vacancies. The vacancy rates were distributed as follows. 

Salary Estimate Haskell August 2017 Haskell developer salary estimate 

The most of the developers are required in New York, NY; the least in remote areas.

Number of vacancies in different cities Haskell August 2017 Number of Haskell developer vacancies in different cities 

Among the companies that hire Haskell developers the leaders are: 

  • Starbucks
  • Southern Star, Inc.
  • Unlisted Company

Number of vacancies in different companies Haskell August 2017 Number of Haskell developer vacancies in different companies 

According to the experience required, the vacancies are distributed as follows.

Number of vacancies by experience level Haskell August 2017 Haskell developer vacancies by the experience level

The average salary and salary according to the level of experience were distributed as follows. However, please, note that there's no data on salary for senior level of experience as, probably, it is not so popular and only beginners are needed. 

Average salary Haskell August 2017Haskell developer average salary

The analysis was carried out by the Hype.codes portal method using the indeed.com data.

    Digital Asset to Join Forces With ISDA

    Companies are going to created code library that will help derivatives market participants use the ISDA CDM, standards solution for derivates trading
    11 April 2019   411

    Leading global blockchain solutions developer Digital Asset Holdings and the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) are creating an open source library that will make it easier for derivatives market participants to use the Common Domain Model (CDM).

    CDM is the first industry solution to respond to the lack of standards and the dominance of inefficient manual processes in derivatives trading.

    Using the DAML programming language created by Digital Asset, the necessary tools will be created for developers to interact with CDM.

    Earlier, Digital Asset opened source code of  DAML programming language for writing smart contracts and the Software Development Kit (SDK) in accordance with the Apache 2.0 license.