Hayver Utilizes Blockchain to Help Alcohol Addicts

US startup helps drug and alcohol addicts remain sober by paying them cryptocurrency
30 January 2018   320

A startup launched this week in the US, Hayver, states it wants to incentivize behaviour of addicts to remain sober. The company created a software solution with flexible open architecture and cryptocurrency incentives.

Every day as a member logs into the application, a randomized utility decides whether he/she should be tested and the peer group notified. Selected members use urine screening cup and then the results are verified by one of the member’s “Circle of Support” partners. The recovery history is based on check-in rates, test compliance, results, etc.

Hayver also launched its own cryptocurrency as a reward to further encourage its clients be abstinent. The service offers peer-to-peer support, continuous peer-to-peer monitoring and assessment tools for home care relying clients.

According to Dr. John M. Carpenter, co-founder and chief medical officer of Hayver Corporation, physicians, therapists and counselors have acknowledged the potential of Hayver and decided to approve the implementation of the system.

Japanese 'Money Forward' to Launch Crypto Exchange

Money Forward Financial is going to launch a media crypto platform this summer, and afterwards - a digital assets exchange
24 May 2018   63

The operator of the popular application for personal finance management Money Forward Inc intends to launch a cryptocurrency exchange this year, BC Focus reports.

Japanese fintech-company has been working in this direction since December last year. To implement the plans, the company has already registered a subsidiary division called Money Forward Financial.

Money Forward Financial is going to launch a media cryptocurrency platform, and afterwards - a digital assets exchange. In the future, the company plans to create a number of more advanced solutions for working with crypto-currencies, including automated payment systems and various analytical tools.

Currently, the customer base of the company has about 5 million users. The cloud application of Money Forward Inc for tax accounting and financial management is used by 500,000 Japanese companies and 2,400 accounting firms.

Big Japanese financial institutions are making steps to cryptocurrency business. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), world's 5th biggest bank has announced plans to introduce own cryptocurrency by 2019.