Hijack alert: EthOS miners are the new victims

According to Bitdefender, new hijack bot is aimed to the EthOS mining devices; continue reading to learn more
02 November 2017   3172

The developers of Bitdefender antivirus have identified hackers who seize control over the Ethereum crypto currency miners and steal money from the victims' wallets. This was reported by the company's blog.

According to it, the hijack bot was launched on October 30 and is aimed at finding equipment running a 64-bit operating system ethOS with the factory accounting information SSH.

Thanks to the fake site-bait experts of Bitdefender managed to identify the algorithm of hackers. As it turned out, at first the attackers tried to hack the site with the help of combinations of passwords and SSH logins (ethos: live, as well as root: live), then they wanted to change the purse ID to their own. 

So, if you are running an Ether Miner based on Ethereum OS, make sure you have changed the default login credentials. If you haven’t done so, now would be a good time to check whether the miner is sending money to you, not hackers.

Bogdan Botezatu
Bitdefender team

Hijack scheme 
Hijack scheme

Aditionally, the Bitdefender team found out the hackers' wallet. Fortunatelly, at the moment of press, they stole aroun 2 ETH.

Hackers' wallet
Hackers' wallet

It is worth noting that EthOS is present on 38,000 mining devices. So if you use EthOS mining devices, don't forget to check your login data.

CFTC Head to Report on ETH Futures Launch Date

Also, speaking at the DC Fintech Week summit, head of agency said that the status of the asset may change over time
22 October 2019   63

Regulated Ethereum futures will appear within six months or a year, said Heath Tarbert, chairman of the U.S. derivatives trading commission (CFTC).

At the DC Fintech Week summit, the head of the agency reaffirmed that the status of the asset may change over time. A security can become a commodity and vice versa.

He also believes that derivatives will appear on other cryptocurrencies.