Hitachi to Use Fingerprints For Blockchain Payments

A new blockchain-based system can settle retail payments validated using shoppers' fingerprints
26 July 2018   498

The Japanese technological conglomerate Hitachi together with the telecommunications giant KDDI started testing of a blockchain of retail payments verified by the user's fingerprint. This is reported by CoinDesk.

It is reported that the complex, created on the basis of the development of the Hyperledger Fabric start-up, is integrated with Hitachi's biometric verification technology and the KDDI coupon system. So, users can use coupons, pay for services and verify payments using a fingerprint scanner.

As representatives of Hitachi explain, a user needs to register a coupon and verify himself using biometric information. The store will act as a blockchain node and will be able to verify the identity of the buyer with the help of a fingerprint.

As a result, users can authenticate themselves by holding the finger on the authentication infrastructure, so it is not necessary to present a coupon at the store, and the coupon can be used even without a smartphone.


Representatives of Hitachi emphasize that using the technology of the distributed ledger will help instantly spread the information about the used or appeared coupon.

Ontology to Open Research Institute

Dean of the institute is senior blockchain and cryptography expert Dr. Mao Xianping 
08 November 2018   182

Popular cryptocurrency project Ontology announced the launch of a new research initiative called the Ontology Research Institute.

The purpose of the research institute is to work with the basic elements of the blockchain technology and to find opportunities for the discovery and application of developing technologies, as well as to have a positive impact on the development of the entire industry.

Currently, the staff of the Ontology Institute are more than 10 people. The initiative was headed by Mao Xianping, who holds a doctorate in cryptography from the University of Shanghai Jao Tong.

Dr. Mao holds a PhD in Cryptography from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is committed to innovation and application research of blockchain underlying technology and cryptography, and has a deep understanding of blockchain consensus mechanisms, blockchain privacy protection, and data security. Mao has been in well-known international journals in the field of cryptography and has published more than ten related academic papers for conferences.

Ontology Press Release

Ontology notes that the new research institute will become a link with the technical community that has emerged in its ecosystem and scientific institutions, and will also play an important role in enhancing the technological value of the company's product.

In the future, Ontology Research Institute will focus on the following areas:

  • Exploring the next generation of the blockchain architecture to build more secure and scalable systems, including sharding and multi-chain support;
  • Exploration of the platform for the practical use of the blockchain, which will be characterized by ease of use, privacy and controllability, and support technologies such as zero-disclosure evidence, secure multilateral computing, and a trusted runtime environment;
  • Providing reliable technical support for building distributed trust ecosystems, including multidimensional identification systems, data exchange systems and credit rating systems.

Currently, Ontology is the 28th largest cryptocurrency with a capitalization of $ 344 million. Over the last month, the ONT has shown a moderate decline and is trading at $ 1.67 at the time of publication.