HitBTC introduced OTC trading

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC announced launch of over-the-counter trading
23 November 2017   297

On November 23 cryptoexchange HitBTC made an announcement of its partnership with Extendeddealer.com, which is full-cycle OTC trading company which aims to provide liquidity for any kind of digital asset, coin or token.

The partnership was set up in order to introduce OTC or “over-the-counter” trading option. OTC means that two counterparties directly agree to perform a certain trade at a set price, without being obliged to go through the exchange to execute the deal. 

    HitBTC is excited to facilitate large-scale transactions for our traders by introducing OTC markets, especially as we are confident about the liquidity provided by our partner Extendeddealer.com. Our traders have been anticipating this opportunity and buyers and sellers are actively setting up deals.

    Paul Clarkson
    Product manager, HitBTC

    The main advatages of such trading are stated as follows:

    1. The trades are made directly between two parties
    2. Only the parties which carry out the over-the-counter trading know the price of the deal
    3. Market price of the coin or token is not affected
    4. The fee is 0,1%