How to create intelligent neural networks using Java?

Learn how to create neural networks using Java with a book "Neural network programming with Java"
03 August 2017   2045

Popular general-purpose programming language and computing platform

Intelligent neural network is a mathematical model, as well as its software or hardware implementation, built on the principle of organizing and functioning of biological neural networks - nerve cell networks of a living organism. This concept arose when studying the processes occurring in the brain, and when trying to simulate these processes.

Neural networks creating and studying is very popular nowadays. All types of researches, from students to giant corporation like Facebook are interested in neural networks. 

But what should a Java programmer do, if he or she would like to create own neural network?

neural network programming with java
Neural network programming with Java

Book "Neural network programming with Java" can become a good guide in this situation. Written by a Fabio Soares and Alan Souze, it will help you to learn how to create intelligent neural networks entirely in Java with nearly 250 pages on in-depth tutorials.

What's inside and what are the features of this book?

  • Get to grips with the basics of neural networks and what they are used for
  • Develop neural networks using hands-on examples
  • Explore and code the most widely-used learning algorithms to make your neural network learn from most types of data
  • Discover the power of neural network’s unsupervised learning process to extract the intrinsic knowledge hidden behind the data
  • Select and split data sets into training, test, and validation, and explore validation strategies
  • Discover how to improve and optimize your neural network

This book is free and can be downloaded at PacktPub.

TIOBE Index June 2019 to be Rolled Out

Java is still on the top, but experts noted fast growth of Python search queries, and they believe it can reach 1st place in 3-4 years
13 June 2019   256

June 2019 TIOBE Index has been released. Analysts noted a sharp increase in the proportion of searches for Python.

This month Python has reached again an all time high in TIOBE index of 8.5%. If Python can keep this pace, it will probably replace C and Java in 3 to 4 years time, thus becoming the most popular programming language of the world. The main reason for this is that software engineering is booming. It attracts lots of newcomers to the field. Java's way of programming is too verbose for beginners. In order to fully understand and run a simple program such as "hello world" in Java you need to have knowledge of classes, static methods and packages. In C this is a bit easier, but then you will be hit in the face with explicit memory management. In Python this is just a one-liner. 


Experts attributed the growing popularity of Python to the fact that now many have hit the development of software. And newcomers prefer Python - succinct and concise. According to analysts, Java for beginners is too verbose, and C sooner or later will force to understand the intricacies of memory management.