How Intel uses Node.js?

Monica Ene-Pietrosanu, a software engineering director in the Intel, share Intel's experience about using Node.js
11 August 2017   1749

Monica Ene-Pietrosanu, a software engineering director in the Intel, leads a team of highly skilled performance engineers and compiler experts for optimizing runtimes for the most popular scripting languages used in the cloud, including Python, Node.js, and PHP. The Intel Software and Services Group works closely with developers to gain insight, enhance innovation and offer the best possible performance, uptime, and efficiency.

In this video, Monica shares that a primary focus area for her team is to understand the needs the market has for optimizing Intel’s multi-processors through these scripting languages. Monica and her team connect with customers who are using the languages and uncover their specific obstacles and the processes taken to overcome them. In this conversation, Monica describes the solid growth of Node.js as a tool in both the front and back end. She also explains how Node.js has helped companies increase their productivity and accelerate time to market.

The discussion also covers Intel’s overall investment in the open source industry and the organization’s specific contributions to Node.js, including those with V8, Node.js core, the Outreachy Mentor Program, and other diversity efforts.

Ethereum Services to be Under New Thread

At the moment, the vulnerability has already been fixed, hackers did not have time to use it
05 February 2019   332

Specialists from the blockchain-startup Parity Technologies have discovered a vulnerability in the JSONRPC protocol that threatens the security of the entire Ethereum ecosystem. In particular, MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto and Infura services are under threat of hacking.

At the moment, the problem has already been fixed, the attackers did not have time to use it.

The developers of Parity Technologies recommended that users update the nodes to the new software version in order to reduce the risk of losing access to decentralized applications.

Recall that in January, due to the critical vulnerability in improving the EIP-1283, which allows hackers to steal user funds, the hardfork network was postponed indefinitely
Ethereum Constantinople.